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This is my new favorite thing

This is from Stock Footage.

I just got off the phone with the guy who writes/draws it. Send him an email at commonnamefilms@gmail.com and he will draw a comic of any movie you recommend.

So much lulz.

PS I love my job. I have so many comics to recommend you all!
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I totally remember that kind of discussion at the time.

That and how Pride Rock was totally a penis and the dust cloud said "sex."

God, I remember the old-school VHS Disney "add-ons" what were later deleted in the DVD releases. Who had that time?

I think I still totally have a couple of the VHSes that I kept around just for that. As long as my parents didn't dump them in the move!

Oh! That is amazing. And I was looking for a new way to waste time!

I suggested he do Ed Wood or Reservoir Dogs. Or both, really!

That was pretty much verbatim. ;)

Oh god yes. I thought you would like the Princess Bride one especially. :-*

Man, now I'm picturing the guys in Reservoir Dogs doing their walk, and then you see Ed Wood in the angora sweater in the line. Maybe he should swipe Buscemi's name. ;)

The Princess Bride one is funny, but the Lion King one was LOLtastic. I so had that conversation as a kid.

Just popping back in from time wasting over at his site to say, THANK YOU!


eta: read 'em all, sent a bunch of movie names.

should have been sorting, or, uh, working maybe...

Edited at 2008-03-19 03:30 pm (UTC)

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