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cap, captain miss america
I had an excellent interview this morning and the artist I spoke to, Tim Broderick, was really encouraging about the 'draw every day' thing-- I think it's important and yet I never do it. I make excuses, like 'if I had a tablet,I would draw more' and to some extent I believe them because scanning seems like such a shore sometimes, but I should still draw more, even if I don't scan it or it's not very good.

Today, I drew. In vectors. Myself. My very very happy self.

I am aware that I should write more, too. I need to make it a habit, along with trying to learn how to keep a clean apartment (hahahaha).

It is raining. I have another interview tonight. I have so far read eleven comics in the past week and a half for work. Only two of them were comics that I'd read significant parts of previously. I have added three artists to my lj friends-- say hi to boxbrown, quirkybird, and commonname. All of whom were awesome interviewees. Yay.
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I like yourself!

I have been trying to do the drawing/writing everyday thing lately, since I stopped both altogether for so long. But I am kind of lazy.

I like myself too! You can tell from how happy I am!

I started this thing as a sort of New-Years resolution that I was going to draw every day. I've got these little pocket brown Moleskine notebooks that have 32 pages each in them so I do one picture in them every day, and each notebook represents a month. It kind of sucks though because my January book is all colorful and inspired-looking but in my February and March books you can tell I am starting to get burned-out. xD Plus I missed the first week of March because I ran out of books. It is fun for me though, because I kind of have this obsession with organized notebooks so it sort of helps motivate me a bit. lol

I just made my resolution to 'draw more.' Which I have definitely been doing. But I need to draw more more more.

I like your idea. I think it's easier if you tell yourself sketching counts and such, too. It's a lot of pressure to constantly produce finished art.

I don't draw, but I love Family Man!


Er, thirding that motion.

Haha, I just spent half my evening procrastinating by reading comics! IF ONLY it was for work. ;) I'm also sketching! All over my Classics notes!

Seriously, though, I'm trying to do the same thing; even if it's just a rough of an idea for a picture, it'll do. I've taken to making up 3-dimensional rooms and putting furniture in them because I have no concept of interiors... of course, we'll have to see if this continues when I don't have other work forcing me to find outlets for what passes (barely) for creativity, but nevermind. Heh, we should have a post-a-sketch-a-day challenge. For a month, or something. I'd love to see me actually try to stick to that. THE HORROR.

I think it helps when you have other people doing it, for sure! The problem for me really is that even though I would post doodles, scanning, resizing, uploading becomes such a chore.

It's true, sadly. Takes all the fun out of it. It'd be lovely to see a bit of what you do every now and then, though! And maybe scanning some sketchbook pages once a week is a more feasible option for me... it's just the sort of thing I won't do if I don't feel accountable in some way.

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Hey, Box like the box!

What are you behind with? Comics?

Smiley tea is cute!!

I wish my job paid me to read comics!!

I need to make it a habit, along with trying to learn how to keep a clean apartment (hahahaha).

I thought that said, "I need to make a hobbit."

My brain is really friend lately.


I thought that said your brain is really friend lately. Then I looked again. IT DID SAY THAT. :D

Heya Tea! Good talking to you last night!

Drawing in vectors is so very hard. I think Vector Tea turned out pretty good!

I do a lot of vector stuff with coloring, like this:
But to do that I have to sketch the image first and then scan it and then vectorize it. I was tooling around with something that I can try to do totally on the computer. I just wish tegaki e had vectors; it's really hard to use on my computer because it's just a paintbrush and I have no tablet.

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