tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

I had an excellent interview this morning and the artist I spoke to, Tim Broderick, was really encouraging about the 'draw every day' thing-- I think it's important and yet I never do it. I make excuses, like 'if I had a tablet,I would draw more' and to some extent I believe them because scanning seems like such a shore sometimes, but I should still draw more, even if I don't scan it or it's not very good.

Today, I drew. In vectors. Myself. My very very happy self.

I am aware that I should write more, too. I need to make it a habit, along with trying to learn how to keep a clean apartment (hahahaha).

It is raining. I have another interview tonight. I have so far read eleven comics in the past week and a half for work. Only two of them were comics that I'd read significant parts of previously. I have added three artists to my lj friends-- say hi to boxbrown, quirkybird, and commonname. All of whom were awesome interviewees. Yay.
Tags: art, work
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