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I am totally not boycotting LJ.
cap, captain miss america
Today's picture, for quizzicalsphinx

This was totally not what I intended to draw today, but, see, this thing happened where the drawing I was drawing suddenly...vanished. Like, photoshop didn't even crash or tell me it was crashing. The piccie was no longer. Which is too back because I was actually trying to draw a little strippy style comic with myself as a toddler. Oh well!

So, today, I interviewed kamenkyote who recently started The City Dreams of Tamino the Cat. And it was pretty awesome. I learned about Japanese wood block prints. I have another interview tomorrow and then seven next week.

The problem is for some reason every time I come to Connecticut, my email stops working. So strange. And I feel bad because I have a whole bunch of work emails I was intending to reply to tonight...and I can't, argh.

Happy Spring, Everybody!

There was no LOST liveblog tonight for the simple reason that my cousins, aunt, and grandparents are all here for Easter and someone (me) could not hear the television amongst all the noise. I got the major spoilery bits and the little VFD shoutouts and the ending OMFGWTF but that is it. So I will watch tomorrow.

My other aunt, who is not here, sent up a cherry cheesecake. MMmmmmm.

I think is time for sleep. Oh, beautiful sleep.
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SERENDIPITY SOOO CUTE. I love it the style you've used in the last two pictures you've posted!

next time draw her girlfriend too!!!

I started doing her girlfriend and got TIRED.

Sleep now!

1) That's way cute.

2) Is that stupid boycott today? I want to post A LOT.

Yeah, the stupid boycott is today. Which is a dumb day for a boycott anyway because it's also Good Friday and any really religious Christians won't be online anyway so it will falsely inflate their numbers :-P

I was thinking of posting maybe three or four times?

Putting me to shame, you are! Haha, loving the vectors, though :) Very cute.

I had a really good time. Thank you very much again!

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