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cap, captain miss america
So, first things first,

It's Mere's birthday. I made her wallpaper.

Click to enlarge.

Also, commonname made a birthday comic for you! I just wanted to make sure you saw it!

Second things second. Yeah, I've totally been making silly wallpapers no one will ever use lately. Here is the one I totally didn't stay up till 3am making last night.

Third things third. I made these for the Gryffindors over in hogwarts_elite.

Fourthly, does anyone remember Ice Climber on the NES? Did anyone else sing along the chorus to Hot Fun in the Summertime along with the soundtrack to it?

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Happy brithday John!

Have you been watching the John Adams mini series on HBO? Guh its so good!

I don't have HBO! I want to see it, though. But it isn't his birthday! His birthday is in October! It's my friend Meredith's birthday and he's her favorite sexy old dude.

*is crushed at Presidential birthday jeapordy*

Well, if you can find a way to see it I would defintely recommend it. It's very realistic and Paul Giamati (sp?) is wonderful!



Oh man, was the Good/Bad/Ugly comic for today awesome.

Imma have to link dear Godric to that one. ;)

Oh, god, yes. I seriously want a poster of that.

Man, that 3-way gunfight is just parodied everywhere, innit? O'course, you know my favorite. ;)

PS: Godric did not lose his powers over me after shaving off said beard.

<3 thank you for the warning. I keep meaning to apologise for not having been around - and then forgetting, and feeling even worse when I remember. I am really snowed under with work at the moment, and I was hoping I'd get on top of it during Easter, but it's not happening. I won't be around till June at the earliest, and give you leave to do whatever you like to my characters to free up Orrie, if you haven't already. I'm sorry for being shitty about this!

It's okay! It's not shitty; it's school!

If you have a few minutes to talk about stuff at some point, we can figure out what to do to write the characters out of the picture-- even if they stay in Cecilia for now so Birte can have the babies.

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