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2) liret didn't get birthday art because she was away for her birthday. I remedy that NOW.

Finally, for the thing I mention in the video and sexist fucking assholes at movies.

The premise of the movie is that the three male characters raped a young woman who subsequently killed herself and comes back for undead revenge.

At the end, when she goes after the last guy, who did not rape her, but drugged her and took photos of the woman, who was his girlfriend, while his two friends raped her, a man in the audience said, very loudly, "What a fucking crazy bitch."

I was like, WTF. Seriously. WTF. Hello. Um. Rape?

On that note, I've been thinking about the Final Girl phenomenon a lot tonight. More on that later. Why is it that women are so often the protagonists of horror stories? I'm not sure. I am trying to figure out what it has to do with gender stereotypes. I know a lot of people cite Halloween when they talk about the origins of final girls, but you see the makings of them in characters before that-- the two girls in The Haunting of Hill House-- jeeze, even The Turn of the Screw has a proto-Final-Girl.

I'm sure smarter people than I have have written smarty pants stuff about it. Any recs?
Tags: art, criticism, final girl, life, media: wallpaper, movies, overheard, video
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