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To: KiSS artists and fans, former and current and potential
cap, captain miss america
Some of you may know that I used to be very actively involved as a Kisekae artist in the late 90s/early 00s.

KiSS has taken a turn for obsolescence, and a few people are working on doing something about that.

There is a chat on dA tonight to discuss. If you were an active KiSS artist or fan, or if you have ever wanted to be involved in kisekae in any way, please consider coming to the chat. Here is the information.

There will be an online meeting of the the KiSS & Kami artists interested in re-energizing the art-form(s) tonight at 8pm-- this one's essentially just for fun & hosted on deviantArt <http://chat.deviantart.com/chat/owchat> <== (link - dA accounts are free if you don't have one.

There are some big guns-- TiP and Dominatrix are both heavily involved & I think this has to potential to be fascinating.

If you don't know what KiSS is, it's a format for creating and playing with interactive paper dolls, but it's so rich and well-developed that these paper dolls can essentially act as animations or computer games as well. If you have any questions, please let me know.

I think that's 8pm EST, but I'm not sure...checking with TiP.

I have other stuff to talk about, but this is the more immediate thing! Brace for most posts later!

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I'll try and make it on. I used to love making KiSS dolls back when I was in high school.

Oh man! I have a mass collection of those on my PC. Sadly, I don't think they'll work if I transfer them to my mac. I looooved them though.

Sadly, I can't make it to the chat. I've got scheduled dinner plans for tonight. I'd love it though!

If you have them saved as .lzh files, they will work on Mac too! Will update people though!

Ooh! I might! I'll have to dig them out and see if I can get them to work.

(Deleted comment)
Cool! I know Kimiki/Nicole has mentioned working on a project lately, and it's good to see there's something of a movement going on.

Oh wow! I did not know she ever resurfaced.

God, I used to have a ton of kisekae stuff. I won't be able to make the chat, but I'd love it if you post an update about what was said.

You know I'll be there! (late comment, pshhh)

I used to be obsessssssed. I had so so so many dolls on my old computer. I deleted them in some weird mood for whatever reason, and I wish now I had all my old favorites back. v_v

I always wanted to make a KiSS set! I had done a teeny bit of coding once but all I had was a base w/ three hairstyles and perhaps a shirt. My pixel skills sucked and I didn't have the patience to do something big scale. D: I'll try to be in the chat! It sounds like fun, if just to listen to what's being said.

Oh man, I did not realize this, which is too bad, because I rather enjoy KiSS. I used to have so many sets and I remember working on one from one of Emby Quinn's templates. I never figured out the programming end, though, so when that computer died that was the end of that.
So gonna be there. Like I need that sort of distraction, but I miss discovering new dolls that did things with french kiss I would never have thought of. And that one mecha-suit girl.

Sweet! I totally remember the mecha-suit one!

Omg, I'm so sorry I missed this because I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED kisekae. I'm totally for helping bring this back. I wish I still had all my files for the Devil Hunter Yohko doll I was making.

It's still on if you want to come! Same link.

I missed it because my sister had a crisis! Please let us know what happened, okay?

hi! i know this post is about ten years old, but i was thinking about KiSS today, and googling around. i was an avid player of KiSS dolls starting in about 1999, but never made any sets - so it's unlikely you'd remember me. i looked in my dropbox, which has some backups from old computers of mine, and i have quite a lot of sets from that era by various artists. is there any interest in making some kind of archive? whatever came of this chat on DA? :)

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