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So, yes!

I'm in an interesting conundrum at the moment which may be solved tomorrow. See. I am trying to keep my options open in terms of my living situation because my bosses may or may not want me to move to Maine in the near future. My current apartment has a year-long lease that is up in May. I need to find out if they will let me renegotiate for three months and see. Hopefully they will call me about that tomorrow as I called last week and left a message. If not I will call them again.

So, if they say no, I will have to move. I want to find a place to live that is cheaper than the current one, but is still accessible to certain things.

1)I want a movie theater within walking distance. Like, a ten minute walk is fine. But walkable.
2)A proper grocery store with good fresh produce and healthy prepared foods because tea is a lazy sonofabitch but I also like to cook.
3)Big drugstores/hardware stores for necessities not avail. in grocery stores.
4) train access to Long Island, where my parents live during the week, and Connecticut, where they live on weekends.

I've been starting with the train access issue and looking at places on the Port Washington train line and the 7 line.

Yesterday I went to Woodside to check it out, and I wasn't really impressed with the neighborhood. There wasn't a good grocery store, although there were a few nice pubs and good Mexican food. Definitely no movie theater. I also got wolf-whistled at like three times in ten minutes, which makes me not so comfortable to walk around alone. So that was out.

So today I went to Flushing, and I liked it a lot better. It has everything but the movie theater (and I am trying to figure out if there's one I missed), and it pretty and sunny (a lot of downtown Woodside is under the 7 track) and has TONS of Asian markets which definitely qualify under the grocery store requirement. They qualify so much that I did my shopping out there and got prepared sesame noodles to eat for dinner. So that was a possibility. Still trying to figure out what other neighborhoods might qualify. Definitely the Union Square area, but that is still going to be expensivo. Bronx is difficult to get to Long Island from, although Harlem might be a possibility if I could divide the difference between Lenox & Lex avenues. I wish the MTA had a map that laid over train service and subway service in one place so you can see what connects to what online. Otherwise I'm going to have to go down to a subway station and just stare one of these days. Bah.

But hopefully this will all be dealt with tomorrow and I'll be able to stay where I am for now.

liret and gildedage, expect packages. I mailed them last week.

I want to talk about a subject I brought up above, and that subject is

are fucking offensive. I am sure none of the men on my flist do this, but augh. There is no ordinary behavior that is regularly so degrading and can gross a girl out and make an otherwise decent day take a downturn. It makes me feel filthy. And it makes me angry because while I realize that the men who do it don't know me well enough to value me for my brains or personality or abilities, the men who do it...I feel like they don't value women for any of those things. I think it's part of why I don't trust any men who come up to me and try to strike a conversation with me in the street unless it's something like, oh hey, what is that book you're reading? Because they are only doing it because I'm a piece of meat to them, and that? Is sketch. I don't want anything to do with men who objectify a woman first thing.

I think this is part of my problem with dating or dating services. I don't want to talk to someone who comes up to me because they think I'm cute. I want to talk to someone who comes up to me because they hear me talking and say, holy shit, she's smart. I don't want someone to reply to an ad because I'm pretty. And if you include a photo, no one replies because of what you write. Seriously. I kind of...don't want to meet a person until the third date? Agh, I wish we still lived in the era of arranged marriages, because I would do so much better at that, except for the marriage part.

But that's getting onto a tangent. Seriously. Why is this acceptable behavior? Why don't men get the shit kicked out of them for doing this? It's fucking degrading. I don't like men on the street pointing out that I have red hair or big tits. I HAVE KNOWN THIS MY ENTIRE LIFE. I don't need people calling me sexy. And I am sure as fuck not anyone's baby except my father's and mother's and my father saying "HELLO BABY GIRL" in a high pitched squeaky voice is the only way I ever want any man to call be baby. Ever. And if you tell them to fuck off, they look and act like you're the one who's off your rocker. Pisses me the fuck off. It is common-day, constant sexism like that that kind of proves women are still not considered equals.

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