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No,not on any of you-- I just wanted to showcase the lovely Seas of Erin Prank-a-Thon.

1) Godmoding Problems
2) The Mod Steps In
3) Flouncy, Flouncy
4) Flouncy #2

If you want to skip straight to the chicken porn, It's right here

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Jesus, that community has a ton of weenies.

I really like your character's name.

They do have weenies! There are very many people there who it is all for srs. I was a little disappointed we didn't get posted to stupid_free this year like we did last year.

Ahhhh! Do you have the link? That sounds awesome.

I am so utterly disturbed. I think I will have to go peck my eyes out now.


This makes me wanna go back and find last years, with the poor broken desk...

I had never considered the possibility of Curr plus birdy-booty before... DISTRUBING D:


What is wrong with you, Brenna? I thought everything was your OTP?

WHATEVS! I'm still holding out for Curr/Selkie, yo!! Their love is so aquatic and salty-sweet.

So, I have to ask...was the chicken created specifically for this purpose?

No, the chicken is an old character from a previous game that I decided to port over a few weeks ago.

I am thoroughly amused.

How disturbing.

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