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Lickness Villaneda
cap, captain miss america
Today, I got spam mail from Lickness Villaneda.

Apart from trying to sell me 'brand new sexual sensattions,' Lickness tells me:

Investigating a minor mystery, namely, what was you know,
they come to parties, but you never added after a momentary
pause. I have an engagement between new brunswick and maine,
de monts landed farraday and lady yes, sir. I have seen
them in in the theft of what the reverend father called
if it's possible, i'd ask you to put as much bitterness
until the following rorning. Death is estimated any rate
stay to get them through the next few to the state of illinois,
to the free territory up. Actually, i'm pretty sure that
it is correct.' in june an english politician of southern
sympathies, i, that you have discovered the way in which
good i cannot recognize that you have any right to murder
done. And then the lass she screams out.

Which...sounds kinda spooky, actually. I'm sort of tempted to illustrate it.

ANYWAY, I love my job. Today I interviewed WillyMJ, who draws Eekeemoo, and the fabulous erikamoen, with whom I just wanted to keep chit-chatting :-P Hi, Erika! Everyone is so awesomely awesome.

Also, TV studios? Stop being all "NEW SHOWS IN APRIL" and then not showing the shows I WANT TO SEE NEW OF. YOU ALL SUCK.

I kind of dropped the ball on drawing every day. I will try to be better. I did, however, send mail to much_reality and rattsu.

ETA HOLY SHIT. No sooner do I post this, then I get more communication from the intrepid Fisherman Garden.

I swear I am going to name my children after spammails.

One another at yonville without any success, so time in supporting
the scheme (discarded by us so there is god the father and
god the son. Thou say to your mother in that scotch voice
of hers, it an aura of unworldliness of spirituality. .
sheds there. I can see the congregational church fortifications
and another small gateway shaped be doubly bitter. I could
no longer see the star in and given to helen. It was from
fanny staunton, or you may do these whole mellons, cucumbers,
rich, cultured, and some'what of a globetrotter. The first
time in his life that our doctor ever tree suggested how
it might have come and gone as many behind. At every halfmile
a groaning waterwheel the new sundayschool, which was to
take place.
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Eeee, thankyou! I am being so spoilt at the moment - you're a doll. <3

And I want to see those illustrations. (I once had a vigra spam mail that quoted Deathly hallows. that was kind of surreal, especially as it was a harry/Hermione snippet. Viagra spammers are Harmonians: who knew?)


I am only worried that you're going to start getting pregnancy cravings for peeps after this :-P And they're not available after the season.

Lol. We're all like "Feed the pregnant lady! She needs sweets!" XD


Also I am secretly hoping that if Olivia eats enough peeps, she will give birth to a small, yellow, sugary bunny.

I figure if we feed her enough sugar, her baby will just shoot out of her like a rocket from the sugar high.

Also I am secretly hoping that if Olivia eats enough peeps, she will give birth to a small, yellow, sugary bunny.


That makes me laugh out loud.


Lol what? That's not even an offer to enlarge your penis. I have never gotten a spam like that before.

I get them quite a lot! I just particularly liked these ones!

Oh man, that is quite... existential spam? I continue to be in awe of your job's sheer awesomeness.

I am in awe, too. I got off the phone with Erika earlier and I was like...I get to do this for pay.

I love how spam is sounding more and more like Finnegans Wake.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I was kinda thinking it sounded poetic, in a lovely nonsensical string of sound with occasional glimpses of meaning that barely manifest before slipping through your mind sort of way.

I used to get spam from some very interestingly named "people" on my old Yahoo account. Good times. I almost miss them except for the fact that they were so frequent. Now all my spams are just lame. :[

I think they might secretly be people from another universe talking to me.

Flashbacks to Poetry Workshop!

Hahaha did you write poetry out of spam, or did some of the shit just sound like it?

Some of the stuff my wonderful classmates wrote just sound like it. Only... maybe even worse.

There's a little blurb in the NaNoWriMo guide that suggests naming main characters after spam e-mail names. I always thought that would be fun.

That is pretty clever! I have actually done it before; I wrote a detective story last year out of spam names.

Hey, I had a great time chatting with you! Thanks for the interview :)

It was awesome! Everyone so far has been awesome!

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