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Yay for Internet Friends!
cap, captain miss america
Yesterday, cacophonesque and I met up with the lovely shakinros. We went for tea and berry tarts and peanut butter cake and yapped for a couple hours and it was really fun!

So I started thinking about how many of you on my LJ I have met IRL. Wow. Err, or already knew.

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46/217 or approximately 21%. People who have multiple journals I only counted once.

The funny think is how many people I had trouble not counting. gildedage, rainy_day, I'm looking in your directions.

I AM SO INSANELY JEALOUS! I want to be in that photo so much it hurts. Wah.



I totally want to add my name to the list, yo!!

...still doing it, ARGH XD

Edited at 2008-04-08 04:42 am (UTC)

jakfjfklk;fj OMG I miss you guys so much. ;_;

I MISS YOU TOO. We went to the same tea place Destiny took us too this summer.

(Deleted comment)

Also I am right now looking at your wedding pictures. I had no idea you were so gorgeous!

Hee hee - there's about a handful of people that I already knew that are on my LJ - but I've met NOBODY new IRL from my friends' list... o_o

Aw! It is so much fun! Every time I travel, I have friends waiting to meet me somewhere!

You met side_streets, too, though I don't think you have her on your flist.

I do not! I have met a lot of people who are not on my LJ list though!

I keep landing in New York, so maybe one of these days I'll actually get to see you? :)

Yes! I think you unfortunately keep landing here when I'm in Maine or Connecticut! But I want to!

I loved Jess's comment of "You two are really easy to spot from a distance." We've got beacon hair, I tells you!

Also, I was looking at this photo, and I hadn't thought of it on Sunday, but OMG! Look how tan she is! Or are we just pasty?

Hahaha, I was like, "Well, you can totally tell which one lives in California!" :)

That's it. If I do make it to New York, I need to meet you too. Oh and if you make it down South, you can come to NC and meet the greatness that is me (and maybe a bunch of other people but namely me. I so don't feel like being modest today, can you tell? ;) )


Did you take photos of when we met? I don't have any and I wish I did. It was an awesome day out.

I didn't have a camera that year, sadly :-(

Maybe I'll visit New York before I leave the east coast for good and it can be a clusterfuck of ravenclaw/gryffindor madness.

You should! I want to meet you!

I'm thinking of going to NYC for the premiere of Deathly Hallows (the second part if the film does end up being split in half) it'd be cool to meet :)

Oh, if you come here, especially for an HP movie, I will be happy to meet up.

We've talked on the phones! That sort of counts. I swear, I am coming out there soon. I just need to get over guilt of not visiting with Mom and or Dad. Soon! Kind of?