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Resolved: Diet Yogurt tastes like kitty litter.
cap, captain miss america

Now all I can think of is the chalky undertaste in Rosemary's Baby. Oh.

Also, I am currently reading Witchprickers for tomorrow's interview and oh. For Cute.
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LOL. I've never been able to watch your other videos b/c I've been at work. But today, I am on my computer before work, making myself late.

Diet yogurts are on the whole ALL BAD. That kitty litter undertaste is likely the non-sugar sweetener. I find the cheapo Kroger brand diet yogurts to actually be the most tolerable. Activia is grainy, and the Breakstone cottage cheese with fruit cups that supposedly promote better digestion practically make me gag. I love their little small packets where the cottage cheese and yogurt are separate, and you mix them together, but they've done something hideous to the pre-mixed, yogurt-sized cup ones that makes them dry, grainy, and all around horrid.


I know someone who is all about the the Yoplait Whip Chocolate Mousee yogurt.

Hmm. I have never even heard of that. Does it taste like crunchy kitty litter?

LMAO!! Yeah.. I guess this is why I haven't been adventurous with weird yogurts lately. :) Stonyfield organic, all the way...

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