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cap, captain miss america
Watch me eat avocado and open mail!

Thank you shaenon and agent_maxine. WOOOOOO. This is also a reminder that shaenon will sell you a strip from Narbonic or Skin Horse through the end of the month and donate the money to Match it for Pratchett.

Also, I have been missing LOST so I drew LOST fanarts this weekend and forgot to post them!

So, hm, yeah! I am thinking of taking a page from commonname but not doing it as a comic just to practice drawings. If you have a favorite character you want vector arts of, please leave a comment. If it's not a character from a fandom I know, I may need to ask you for a reference photo or drawing! But I want to play!

It is a busy week and I am gearing up for NYCC-- if you are going to be there, let me know and I will make sure to meet up with you! And CBLDF party tomorrow night, again, for anyone who missed the announcement. Poke me if you want to come and I'll send the info. It's $5 at the door, money going to a very worthy cause. And you will get to meet my father.

WOOOOOOO... Also, my fimo chicken loves you all.

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Your video-blogs always mysteriously make me hungry.

I think it is because I always eat food in them.

That and you are always hungry anyway.

Okay, maybe it was not actually so mysterious.

I think you need to video blog about crepes.

:D I really like this style! If you want to, how bout a little Arthur Weasley!

Thank you! And I will try Arthur!

Ben/Ham = OTP.

That is all.

I know! I can't imagine him without seeing the ham now!

Ooo, you got the package! 'Ope you like it :)

Yes! It is awesome! I need to write letters now!

Aww it's Claire. And some guy I don't recognize. I have seen approximately five episodes of Lost, which might explain it. Agreed about the style being awesome!

Ned and Chuck from Pushing Daisies! But if you're going to pick only one, do Ned. :P

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