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NYCC debrief

No, I didn't take my pants off.

So I am sorry, I really, really wanted to reply to each and every one of you who commented on my post about ethnicity, but I got caught up with work stuff and totally overwhelmed. As it was, it was taking me days to say something meaningful and thoughtful to all your amazing and insightful comments.

It is really interesting to see how many definitions of ethnicity we have-- is it where you come from? Is it what you're raised? Is it a skin color, a kind of nationalism? A surprising number of people commented about how they might have answered 'wrong,' and I felt a little badly about that. There wasn't, as far as the poll was concerned, a right or wrong way to answer.

So, since last I posted, wow. I have been hella hella busy at New York Comic Con. Friday, I went to see a panel where Scott McCloud and Douglas Rushkoff. I thought it was great just listening to two brilliant people talk to each other about comics. I also got to meet Scott McCloud's wife, Ivy, who is awesome and has awesome shoes.

Then, it was time to get to work. I walked the entire Artists' Alley of the convention and got loads of cards and talked to people about how awesome ComicSpace is. It was so much fun; I had a seriously amazing time just talking to all these people and hearing about what they're doing. I got to see such an amazing amount of work in such a wide variety of genres; it was jawdropping.

After that...oh lordy. Bit of an emergency. Biggest problem with the day was that we didn't have business cards. So Joey asked me to go get cards made at a store. No problem, right? I call up Staples, ask the girl on the phone what I need to get business cards made. She tells me, I run to Staples...

But she didn't exactly instruct me correctly. So I run home from Staples, design business cards in Photoshop from start to finish, run BACK to Staples...at which point, Staples is closing in forty minutes. The girl at the desk was clearly frustrated but handled the thing amazingly well and got them all done. So she is now my hero. Sadly, this meant missing dinner and other stuff which would have been fun.

SATURDAY, we had a few really interesting meetings with cool people. Then, ran into Larry Marder (with whom we had lunch the day before), Dirk Tiede, and Alexander Danner on the way to Scott's panel about Zot! (after we sadly realized we'd missed the panel entitled: "Webcomics: Threat or Menace?"). But dude. The panel was at the same time as the panel for Avatar? OMFG. From sitting where we were in the room where Scott's panel was, we could seriously hear what sounded like ROLLERCOASTER NOISES coming from the room next door. That or a Godzilla attack. I'm not really sure. Anyway, that was really cool, in spite of the shrieking people, because I hadn't seen much of Zot! before.

We stomped around the floor, hung out a bit, and then all went to dinner. Dinner was fabulously fun, and, in order to spread Scott McCloud's new trademark meme, I have to tell you all about Buddy Cianci, (see-ann-see) the former mayor of Providence, whose wife was named Nancy Ann.

Say it. "Nancy Ann Cianci."

I looked Buddy up on Wikipedia. His wife's name was Sheila. I did find a Nancy Cianci who passed away of cancer in Connecticut in 2007, and one who runs the Carriage House Inn in Bovina Center, NY. But that's it.

Then I left and went for a beer with Dirk and Alexander and Dirk's wife, Emily, and a whole bunch of other friends of theirs. That was awesome. And then I went home and sleeped.

Sunday, I got to the con before Joey did, so I went to a panel featuring blackholly and Shannon Hale, both of whom I really like, and I was about to go to the Stan Lee panel but then I was like, hmm, girls' YA writers at a comic panel? Must go! And I was very glad I did! I poked Holly after and ended up talking to her for a bit about random geeky stuff, and she had some really interesting comments on my final girl theories which I am going to post about later, because she made a comment about male victims that really interested me. Then I went upstairs and on the way to say hi to Shannon, I ran into Libba Bray, who had also attended their panel and had made Shannon a "Total Eclipse of the Heart Angel" doll...and I chit-chatted with her a little bit, and then went to say hi to Shannon and her husband at the Books of Wonder booth. I got there just as Peter Glassman, who owns Books of Wonder, got there, so I stuck around so I could say thank you for running the most awesome bookstore in the world.

Both Shannon and Holly have graphic novels coming out in the next year that look amazing.

Then my mom showed up! So I took her to meet Peter and we ended up buying all of Shannon's books that we hadn't read and a couple other books, and left...and went to lunch with Joey and Joe, and had a couple beers, and then went back to walk the floor and buy awesome stuff-- which I got in the form of some amazing hardcover French comics. Wow. And a comic called "Sky Pirates."

Then we left and came up to Connecticut where I promptly died forever. OMG. So tired. So blistered. And I have sores on the inside of my thighs where they rubbed together all weekend while I walked around. But it was so worth it. I had an amazing time and I can't wait for the next one.
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