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Art & stuff
cap, captain miss america
stoopid_silly  asked for an Arthur Weasley:

Next, I owe a pic to ninepointfivemm . Does anyone else want one? Is for me to practice; I will be happy to draw a few more.

And now...stoopid_silly  did one of those random anonymous comments about people things. Which I always think about doing and then I'm like, but what about the mean ones?

I just realized I don't have to do mean ones. You'd think this would not take this long to figure out. Anyway, I am giving myself another limitation, which is that none of these are about the close friends I talk to on a regular basis (so no liret , no cacophonesque , no quizzicalsphinx , among others). That way I am challenged to say things to people I don't often talk to!

I did it the super random way where I pulled up my flist, closed my eyes and pointed.

1) I don't know you very well, but I think you are extremely talented and have the potential to go far in life! I hope your chosen field works out for you!
2)Your posts are always both thoughtful and personal, and I feel like you give me a window into your life whether there are ups or downs without ever being self-pitying or self-hating.
3) Your art is awesome! Every time I see a post from you, it makes me smile in the warm bubbly way.
4) You always seem to have a positive and practical outlook on things. You have a lot of perseverance and don't let things get you down when you try something new and it's not perfect the first time.
5) You are someone I used to talk to a lot more frequently, and I was sorry when we stopped. You have always been very creative and wise beyond your years.
6) I know you hardly at all, but you seem so supporting and loving toward other people all the time!
7) Wow. You are so together for a person your age, that I am constantly impressed by you. You really seem to have it all figured out.
8) I like that you post intelligently about unpopular opinions. I think a lot of the time, people get defensive or abrupt when they know they might face disagreement, and you always handle yourself with both dignity and levelheadedness.
9) You're one of those rare people whom I feel like I know a lot better than I do-- it just seems like when I do talk to you, I almost always know we will have similar ideas. Sometimes, you just feel comfortable around somebody. You're one of those people for me.
10) I have such a fangirly crush on you. You're cute and philosophical and creative, and you express yourself beautifully, and that's amazing.

To all the rest of you, I love you all! <3 Augh! I don't know why my post is wonking out and being scrolly. WTF, post?
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I am pretending these are ALL about me, just because you said they're not. So there! I scoff at your limitations!

Draw Moody and Tonks Auroring!

Maybe I was just trying to throw you off!

Awww yay!! Mr. Weasley is so cuuute! Love it!

And I think I will follow liret's example and imagine that they are all directed at me! :D

I want to know who #8 is. That person sounds pretty cool.

#8 is pretty cool. I always get a great deal out of reading their posts and don't feel like I'm being talked down to even when they disagree with me on political subjects.

Wow, I was going to post that they were all about me. Your thing is going in the mail tomorrow!

the end.

also: I would like a stephen colbert picture! Or do you want characters? If so: Neville Longbottom kicking ass.

I can totally do Little Stevie!

Dance, Arthur, dance! What is he listening to?

You should draw Ron when he used the telephone for the first time in PoA. I've always wanted to see that scene drawn. Only if you want to, of course :)

Whenever someone does the negative version of this meme, it makes me paranoid. But whenever someone does the positive version of this meme, it makes me want to know who everyone is because they all sound like really awesome people.

I usually do the "close my eyes and point" way of picking people, too. Not only does it ensure people are really picked randomly, but it's fun! *is twelve* XD

I don't think Arthur knows you're supposed to put music in those things, or how to turn them on. He just knows muggle kids wear them and dance.

XD IS HE WEARING A WEASLEY MONOGRAM SWEATER? I love your stylelelele. It's so crisp n' colorful. FRESH VEGGIE STYLE, I'D SAY. What program do you use? It looks like vector. Vector is DIFFICULT. *is awed*

How about Lily & Petunia as ickle kiddies?

Hahahaha I totally drew rotae and liret as veggies once.

I use Photoshop, but yeah, I use the vector tool to do my artwork. It is one of those things that takes a little practice but I find it very easy once you get used to how it works.

And no, it's just an argyle sweater. I thought about making it a monogram one though so you can pretend it is!

Eee! Your Arthur drawing is so very amazing! :D

(Deleted comment)
Is it me? I'll pretend like they are. :>


I'd love a picture, if that's okay?

I knew you would catch on! Damn!

And absolutely! What would you like?

Excellent picture! I wonder what he thinks about why it's called an "eye-pod".

I figured it out in the shower this morning! I'm going to re-edit it so he's saying "It's called an eye-pod, but you plug it into your EARS."

Lol, those anonymous memes scare me when people put things like 'I HATE YOU!' on there. I get paranoid. I'm just going to join everyone else and pretend all of these are about me XD


Yeah, me too. I always feel bad. So I wanted to do it but only be nice! And one of them MAY be about you!

Hahaha ipod dance! I love it!

I am thinking of making the silhouette version!

I know none of them are about me because I'm 10x more contrary towards everyone than that! Unless I'm #10, in which case, why thank you.

People who do the negative versions always strike me as so passive-aggressive. Obviously, I mean, but still. Thank you once again for not being a 14-year-old girl! It's pretty cool of you.

Also! Arthur's pose is damn cute.

I don't think they all mean to be passive-aggressive, because I think they're sometimes just trying to be honest, but I know a lot of the time people see those and everyone is worrying if they are the 'bad' comment. And I don't want MY friends to worry about being the bad comment just because there are a few people on my flist I don't particularly like.

And thank you!