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Art and the graveyard!

Starting off, liret requested Tonks and Moody Auror-ing:

Also, today my mother and I checked out the little tiny local cemetery. It's not really in use any more, as there's a larger one further along-- the latest death dates I saw were 1911-ish? There were a lot of inscriptions that I am sure were cool...if only I could have read them. But they were difficult to read!

Also, for the Carnivale fans out there, there were a ton of Scudders in the graveyard. I looked for a Henry but to no avail. That would have been AWESOME. The best part was that the entire lawn is all nice and trimmed-- except around the Scudder graves, which are totally buried by overgrown bushes and violets that were obviously planted a long time ago and then left un-tended.

(Bigelow is the name of the road we live on)

The father and mother have...essentially the same name! Woo!

This is one of the Scudders!

More Scudders!

I liked these ones especially because the first is the first wife. The second is the husband, who died after the first wife at age 57. The third is the SECOND WIFE who was only in her 20s when the husband died...and lived to 78. I totally think she married the rich old dude and killed him off for his money. The first two tombstones have long inscriptions on them, but the last says only:

I really just like how the mold on this one makes it look like it says "Our Father & Your Mother."

That's all. I totally just saw a cute little animal that looked like a woodchuck run through the yard! Wooooo woodchucks. Wooooo nature. It is so neat to spend time in a place where animals really run through the backyard-- real animals, not just squirrels and sparrows. We get an eagle and a couple of hawks, geese, and we had deer the other day. I love feeling like I can really get the best of both the city and the...well, not quite rural and not quite suburban life. I just love being at the new house.
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