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Moar Arts!
cap, captain miss america
gildedage asked for Stephen Colbert.
twowishesleft asked for Jon Stewart.

That's all for tonight!

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rawr, politics makes for strange bedfellows

I think it is more Stephen Colbert's facial expressions that make for strange bedfellows.


Whoa, you changed your layout in the last 3 minutes. :o

No I changed it this afternoon!

Bzuh? It wasn't pretty and dark when you only had 3 comments! X)

Maybe you had me cacheded? Is a mystery for the ages!

This won my first snorting giggle of the morning, just so you know. It's past adorable.

I like how worried Jon Stewart looks.

Hahaha thanks. I totally tried to get them with trademarked expressions down. Which means Stevie is all "AMERICA!" and Jon is like "Uhoh."

You've done a good service for us all.

I like how I immediately recognized it as Stephen Colbert from a distance. No explanation needed!

All in the name of patriotism!

I think it is the giant American flag and the glasses. Jon Stewart is a little harder to differentiate. I got his eyebrows and his 'worried' mouth right,though,I think.

This is why you are the awesomest thing ever.

<3 I hope it meets your requirements!

You win at the internets. :)

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