tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

A day with my daddy

So, my parents and I went hiking up to the waterfall near their house. My mom and I actually climbed up the rocks at the waterfall, but ever since the time when I was ten and my dad fell in crossing a pond and dropped our camera in the pond (after making me give it to him so I wouldn't drop it if I fell!), he won't do those things.

But we had some very charming moments involving my father's pearls of wisdom. In the first case, it went like this:

Daddy: I found a diamond! Look everybody! A diamond!
Tea: That's quartz, Daddy.
Daddy: Quarts? That's a lot of diamond!

Then, the second one went like this:

I asked my father why he doesn't write stories for children. He said it's because he is a dreamer and not a doer. He said the world needs more doers. My mother said yes, on the rocks.

Oh, love my family.
Tags: art, daddy, example, family, hole of knowledge, life
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