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sitting at work burning CDs

making CDs of netomat demos for prospy clients.

doo do doo dee do.

ho hum la DEE dah.

i went to my parents' again this w-e; i have seen them something like 4 or 5 weeks in a row.

i like my parents. my daddy still promises he is going to win the lottery and buy me a house.
my mommy bought a whole stack of books to read while we ar ein italy-- all of them are fiction which take place in italy. including death in venice, the best book about a pedophile EVER written. it's much more fun than lolita, which makes you feel kind of dismal while reading it. death in venice is more about the dirty little secrets of writers. i love death in venice. i want to do a remake of it called ted and venus which takes place in disney world. but i don't think they would let me. it would be perfect though.

i am eating chinese crunchy noodles which came with my wonton soup lunch. i got a nice fortune, if it is true. a heavy burden is lifted with a phone message or letter

my burn is done for now.
Tags: fortunes, life, people:family, work:netomat

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