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The Fall
cap, captain miss america
Okay, so I don't normally do this, but this movie is giving me a girlie hardon, and I want to inflict it on everyone else. It comes out tomorrow and I expect you all to drop all your plans and see it.

That is Ned from Pushing Daisies, by the way.


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Wow, thank you for this! I definitely want to see it.

You're welcome. I seriously think this movie is going to be amazing, and I don't usually do that until I've seen something, but I am just so gushy and I want other people to see it so we can squee together!

Why. Have I not heard about this movie before?

I don't think it's getting a lot of press, actually! Which is sad. I seriously am putting my money on this being the next Pan's Labyrinth, only I'm not sure it's getting enough exposure. Del Toro had the benefit of having directed Hellboy and being a little more on the radar than Tarsem.

Yeah, I remember seeing the trailer on Apple and thinking it looked like Cuarón's A Little Princess but with morphine. Which is such a turn on for me! And then I realized Lee Pace was in it and I went, "...eh". I will be waiting for the reviews.

Edited because I fail at Spanish even when it comes to names. Sigh.

Edited at 2008-05-09 01:02 am (UTC)

There are already a ton of reviews as it's already been ditrubuted in other markets. They're all gushing.

LOL. Governor ODIOUS!

Sorry, I had a hard time getting past my snorfles after that. But yes, it seems intriguing, if sad.

But it's a majestic sadness. Holy shit.

Ooo! I hadn't heard of this, but I want! Thanks for posting it!

Looks cool. Alas, duty and a social life are incompatible right now. I'll be sure to keep it in mind as a date movie though. Being at sea for the last few months ought to ensure he hasn't seen it either :)

Yeah, imagine my immense surprise that it isn't playing here.


*dies of teh wibbles*

It's like, League of Extraordinary Gentleman + Big Fish + Secondhand Lions + Some Drug Movie. Starring Ned.

I'm so in.

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