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cap, captain miss america


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But did she die when the plane crashed or at sometime after that??? She still delivered the baby!

No no, she died when her house exploded? And Sawyer saved her? And everyone was what the shit?

I think it's possible she died before that, and not getting a scratch via house explosion was just to show that, yeah, already dead.

Ooooh, when do you think she died?

No idea, though I agree that it seems to make the most sense that she died in the explosion, and that's why Miles acted all strange around her and she said she was seeing people.


Unfortunately, I was expecting this. There's no way she could have survived that explosion with only scratches.

I need to know what's up with all the dead people walkin' around the island and nobody realizing they are dead. And why some people actually die on the island and some don't. And why freaking Eyeliner Guy keeps popping up and never ages. o.O

This show is melting my brain.

My friend Deneese and I were discussing this and were wondering -- if she is dead, then why does she have a band-aid? The other dead folks in the show are either perfectly normal-looking (Christian, Charlie, sometimes Boone, that Horace guy until he announced he was dead and got the nosebleed) or bear the marks of their cause of death (Ana-Lucia in Eko's dream has the gunshot wound, Boone sometimes has all his injuries, I suppose Horace could have had a nosebleed when the gas killed him and all his Dharma buds) -- but none of them are patched up except Claire. But Claire was acting drugged, like she was with Ethan, and she does have the band-aid still, which is a weird prop/makeup detail to include. At the same time, though, I don't see her leaving Aaron if she's alive. So I don't know.

In your Tempest schema for the island, where did Jacob slot in? I can't remember.

Also, if Desmond dies, I will be SO SO INCREDIBLY SAD. Even more sad than I am now that he doesn't keep losing all his clothes every week.

LOL. I don't even watch Lost anymore (I stopped mid-season last year, but a BIG OL' LOL about the Desmond thing.

Horace was just a dream, though, so he could have appeared any way he liked in it.

And yay, a chance to use one of my favorite icons. <3


Despite my utter love for Claire, I'd be ok with her being dead if it means I still get to see her on the show, and she's still wandering around.

Plus then my ship doesn't have to die. Even if the characters do. XD Zombie Charlie/Claire, FTW!

Oh, so the people in Cabin are supposed to be dead? I missed a few episodes and just thought maybe Christian was still alive >.>

Christian is Jack's dad -- he died in Australia and Jack was shipping his body back on the plane, remember? He was wandering around the island right at the start of Season One. Wasn't it him who led Jack to the cave and water?

Oh you're right; I forgot about that. Yes it was him :)

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