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cap, captain miss america
NYCers: Opening night for Indy is Wed, May 21 at midnight. It's playing in Times Square & Lincoln Center, both of which are easy from my apartment. Who wants to go? I can buy the tickets for anyone who wants one; they'll be about $13 each with the service charge. People who need to travel can crash!

I am expecting twowishesleft and liret?

Lemme know today or tomorrow and I will buy them tomorrow or Wed at the theater where it is cheaper ($11.75, I think). Or you can buy one on Fandango. It is the Regal E-Walk in Times Square.
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You know, I only JUST realized that was a bingo card in your icon. I always thought it was a package of birth control.

Ahahahah no! It is the lead singer from The New Orleans Bingo! Show.

I can give you your books then! Since I forgot to get your address.

Woot! Want me to bring you some of mine, or would that defeat the purpose? XD

Totally off topic, but are you still taking drawing requests? I got another one for you if ya are =D

I am, but I don't have PhotoShop on the new computer, so I haven't been doing much artwise.

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