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cap, captain miss america
opaleyes asked for piccie-poos of my new hairs.


Also, liret and twowishesleft, I have your Indy tickets for you. If anyone else wants to come, we'll be at the midnight showing next Wednesday at the Regal Cinemas in Times Square and you can buy a ticket on Fandango if you would like to join us.

I'm not entirely sure what to wear for an Indy movie as I do not really like the idea of dressing as a Nazi.
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Sadly, I do not have any Templar Knight uniforms hanging around. Marion I could do, possibly, but then who do Nikki and Jess be? One of them could be Elsa, but then someone gets stuck being the annoying screamy lady from Temple of Doom.

Aw, no. You can't have screamy lady. (Isn't it funny how most Indy fans can never remember her name because she was that awful? XD)

OMG! How about Short Round? :D

Jess and I are now reconsidering how easy it would be to make Templar tunics by Wednesday.

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