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Friends Cut
cap, captain miss america
So, guys, I just did a pretty significant cut to my friends' list. I've been trying to use filters to read for the past couple weeks because I didn't want to do this, but that made me feel kind of lousy, like I was deliberately relegating some people's journals to less-important status.

My friends' list had well over 200 people, and I was starting to have such a hard time keeping up that I wasn't reading at all and I was missing important things from some of my closest friends. Rather than do that, I've pared it down to below 200. This meant taking off some people whom I genuinely like, and I want to apologize, but I just couldn't keep going like I was an feel like I was able to use my LJ the way I wanted to be using it.

That said:

--I've kept on all of the newest additions, because I want to get to know you before removing you without getting a chance to become acquainted. That seemed better than removing people I haven't yet gotten to know.

--If I did remove you, you are absolutely welcome to keep reading. My journal has few, if any, locked posts (I don't think I've had one for over a month).

--If I've removed you, or if you've added me and I haven't added you back, I generally don't add people unless I've had some interactions with them elsewhere. If you take the time to comment on my LJ and get to know me, or if you converse with me elsewhere, I am definitely more likely to add you, and I won't hesitate to add back people I've removed.

--There is total defriending amnesty here. If I've kept you on my LJ but you don't want to continue to be LJ friends, please let me know, and I'll be happy to remove you and replace some of the people I've taken off.

<3 everybody!
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Wow, 200, I'd definitely be making some cuts, too. I'm keeping you on my flist (no hard feelings whatsoever about being cut), because your lj entries make me laugh.

<3 Thank you! I appreciate your understanding-- you were one of those people I was talking about where it was a tough choice.

Aye, massive friends lists are hard. I have mine relegated to 3 categories via filters; and sometimes I feel bad for not keeping up with everyone. But, I don't expect everyone to keep up with me as I am a bit spammy. lol.

Absolutely no hard feelings. It is YOUR lj and you need to do what works for YOU. Same as my LJ; I don't like having to edit down the number of posts I make. I came to the realization that it was MY journal and I could do whatever I wanted with it and others are free to come and go whenever they want.

♥ Mike

Yeah! Thanks, I will probably poke my head in over at your LJ from time to time anyway :-P I just couldn't quite keep up with your volume.

I almost didn't check, but figured that kind of arrogance was probably pushing the line. Bitch better watch yo'self.

Oh, shit, did I forget to remove you? Ugh.

Whoa, I would be struggling to keep it up too. Thanks for keeping me ♥

I'm honoured to still be there! I really value keeping in vague lj-touch! If that makes any sense...

Also, whilst looking at your profile- OMW PLAYMOBIL IS SO AWESOME.

I kept most of my old friends, unless they really never update anymore, because I always want to know what you guys are doing!

I'm going to have to chop the fuck out of mine as well; I don't have as much time to spend online as I once did, sadly. God knows some of the fuckers on my list need to go anyway.

Part of my problem is that I really like most of the people on mine and I kept feeling guilty every time I went to cut names.

I figure this would be a good enough time as any to introduce myself and let you know why I added you, since you've been pawing through your friends and stuff.

I've seen you around BRPS for awhile, and enjoyed your posting. Then I recently noticed your name again, but saw your Twin Peaks icons. So I added you, because Twin Peaks icons = awesome.

I won't be offended if you don't add me back, as I don't update regularly and when I do, I'm rather boring or angsty.

Hi there! Yeah, I've had a bunch of people I don't really know friend me lately and I've been sort of overwhelmed! But please feel free to read and comment-- I definitely don't mind people reading, and I'll be happy to add you back if I get to know you better!

And I'm glad you like my icons; they've suddenly been getting a bit more attention lately, which is funny, but hey!

Looks like I decided to come back to lj just in in nick of time! :D

I probably would not have cut you anyway :-P

Man, I was going to say "I'm not even bothering to check because I know I'm just that awesome" but Sarah beat me to it!

Well, the difference being you really are that awesome.

(Deleted comment)
I love your posts! I really enjoy hearing about your job and I'm so thrilled for you about getting to go to that conference thingy!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Oh man. I couldn't cope with 60+ awhile back; I'd be a flailing wreck if I had 200+ to keep up with. I don't know how people do it.

Anyway. Thanks for keeping me! I know we haven't really gotten to know each other yet, but hopefully this will change :D

And your flist is still massive. I admire your dedication.

197 friends AFTER a significant cut? 0_0 *JAW DROPS OFF AND ROLLS DOWN STAIRS*

*Tackles lion* I'm glad we're still lj-pals. :3

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