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cap, captain miss america
My daddy got mail from God. And since he was afraid to throw out his mail from God, he made me do it. But I didn't throw it out! I opened it!

The quality is super wonky for some reason! I apologize! But still teh funneh!

<3 <3
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i got the exact same thing last week! weird. eerie.

The Shroud of Turin isn't lost!

I sort of want Christianity to be For Real just so shit like that can be genuine.

Yeah, but I get it mixed up with St. Veronica's thingy, and I totally can't go back and do a do over or it's not genuine!

Creepy Jesus paper prayer rug! My roommate and I got one of those last week. We are thinking of hanging it up somewhere in our new apartment.

I want one too! Though I don't think they'd like granting me my heart's desire. :(

I don't think they'd like granting MOST of our heart's desires.

I got one of those letters last week, but I threw it out before opening it. BUT one of my friends was just telling me about how ridiculous it was yesterday! So weird.

It was ridiculous! So awesome! It has a secret prophecy that you're not allowed to open, too!

I hope you opened that part, too.


"I don't want a pony! Oooh, they even knew my name."

Omg, this was awesome.

My heart's desire right now is definitely not very biblical.

Yeah, I think that's the part that they're sort of forgetting. I mean, forget my heart's desire probably being against their faith, what if they sent one of these letters to a pederast, or an Al Qaeda operative?

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