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foods i do not like:
cap, captain miss america
1: any and all members of the squash family:
this includes squash, melons, zuck-chini, pumpkins, gourds, and so-forth. these make me puke. the most offensive squashes make me puke if i smell them

2: in case they are not part of the above, eggplants:
these also make me puke.

3: bananas. these make me puke if i am within five feet of them.

4: bivalves, excepting clams:
all other bivalves make me puke. univalves and other crustaceans do not. i lurve snails.

5: "quickbreads." the ones with ingredients that fall into the above categories especially, but also including fruity ones with fruist i like, like apples or pears. as above, puke.

6: ripe corn. i enjoy dried corn, cormeal products, corn nuts, and popping corn. but NOT ripe corn. this also makes me puke.

non-puking items:
mushrooms, tomatoes unless they are very fresh, eel, raw or large pieces of cooked pepper, american mayonaise, pasta in a can, asparagus unless it is very young, dry tannic red wines.

that's all i can think of for now.

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