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cap, captain miss america
Sorry for the spammage, but after posting my last post, and being very conky outy, I decided I really needed a nap. So I went to sleep, and was probably asleep for all of ten minutes, and I had this very very brief dream that consisted of the following image:

And woke up, and could not sleep because this was burned onto my retinas.

Surprisingly, I am not nearly as tired as I was before this little image appeared to me. I take it as some kind of divine message. Divine, gross message.
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Once I had a dream where sperm was an ingredient in a recipe for a cake. And I was like, "A WHOLE CUP? WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM, SLUT CENTRAL?" And then I woke up, dream unresolved, which was probably for the best.

OMG, so this is like a whole...genre of icky dreams!

That is one disturbing drink!

The worst part was, in my dream, the guy had this kind of high, nasal voice. But it was subtitled! In my dream! Subtitled!

you have the best dreams. all i do is argue with my boss about why I clotheslined another person I know in a game of soccer at a local cafe while reading the Yiddish Policeman's Union.

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