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Delicious Water!
cap, captain miss america
I tried Ayala's Herbal Water and videotaped it.

I have no idea why the quality on these videos is so crap. I think Youtube downgraded the quality on their automatic posty thing. Argh

ANYWAY the water is delicious!

I am going to a wedding on the top of a mountain this weekend! I leave tomorrow night on a plane and come back Sunday night super late.
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The best bit by far of this was hearing you say 'erbal' rather than 'herbal' (solid h). It always weirds me out hearing Americans do that on tv shows and I always kinda think of it as some weird fictional tv thing, but...omg, people actually do that in real life. I find it kinda freaky.

*laughs* sorry. So are there many other words that get pronounced with a silent 'h'? *imagines people walkking around saying 'ouse' and 'elium' and 'airdresser' and stuff*

Nope, I can't think of any others that get pronounced with a silent H here and with an H there. I'm sure I'll think of a couple later, though.

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