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MoCCA Festival!
cap, captain miss america
So, I am currently waiting for shaenon and andrewfarago to get in from San Diego for the MoCCA Festival!

If you are in New York or the New York area, this is just about the cheapest comic convention there is! Lots of awesome people will be there with awesome books and other awesome things. I will be there, too, possibly being awesome as well.

It's also only $15 for the ENTIRE WEEKEND.

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Oh man, they have Brian Wood as a special guest! I WANTS TO GO TOO!

AND DANIELLE CORSETTO IS GOING TO BE THERE. Oh geez. This may involve me spending ridiculous amounts of money that I don't have. Good thing actually getting in is cheap.

This is totally irrelevant in regards to your toast, but I must say that the "your fandom is a giant chicken" icon is probably my favourite.

jealous. i've been reading about mocca from some comic writers' blogs.

I have probably emailed the same people! I am really excited.

I will be in San Diego in July, too!

I would go if I lived in New York! Or if I drove. I really need to drive if I am going to be hanging out in Connecticut.

Oh man! Scad's sequential art (comics) department should have planned their off-campus program better. :-\ They're coming up there a week from tomorrow. Still, they're going to be going to big companies, and I suppose you can't have time in the amount of time they'll be there to hit the con and the companies.

Oh, no! Well, a lot of those companies will have reps at MoCCA. It would have been fun! You guys can try to come up next year, though, I suppose.

I don't get to go, regardless. It's just Sean. Believe me, if I was coming up to NYC you would definitely know about it.

But perhaps! The issue for cons for him and me is the whole flight expense. The con may be cheap, but if the tickets are $400, it's a little much. He really wants to go to San Diego Comic Con, but it's just not working for him this year.

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