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The Zombie Apocalypse shit isn't funny, guys.
cap, captain miss america
Usually I think it's hilarious, but since there's a real emergency situation in Iowa right now? Guys? I'm having trouble trying to figure out which of my friends are really safe and really in danger today, and I'm trying to keep an eye out for kikithepirate's posts about the real state of emergency.

I don't like bitching at people about what they choose to write in their own journals, but there's a big difference between being obviously joking and trying to make these posts seem subtle and real, and the latter is in really poor taste considering the flooding going on and the fact that some of us are trying to use LJ to keep tabs on friends and loved ones.

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Amen. I've been following a few people in Iowa (and have a couple who are in other areas at risk for flooding). I don't need people trying to trick me into worrying about them.

I didn't even think about that when I made my zombie post, but I also wasn't trying to scare or convince anyone.

I'm sorry for my part in it, and I hope all of your people are okay.

Oh, no, that's exactly what I'm talking about. Yours starts out by labeling itself as zombie apocalypse. The ones that have headers or clear labels that say it's a meme or for the lulz I have no problem with whatsoever. But there have been some that are like "We got evacuated at nine am this morning and everyone's all right." And as much as I am a big fan of pranks, when I have some real posts on my LJ that say that right now, it's getting incredibly frustrating to try to figure out if these people are doing a meme or actually in the path of the flood.

You mean people aren't tagging their posts with "zombies"? That's fucked up. THE TAGGING IS KIND OF THE POINT.


That's really fucked up. D: D: D:

I think it's the kind of thing if it weren't in the middle of a state of emergency, I'd find it amusing even if it took me a few minutes to figure out that they were all fake. It's just because of the flood at the same time and I'm worried that I'm going to mistake a real emergency post for a zombie post or vice versa.

What zombie apocalypse? Think I missed another meme...?

What now? People are doing that?! *has no idea as she has been going in and out of the hospital the past few days thus missed everything on LJ*


: nods

I feel the same way, but I wasn't sure if it was my general paranoia about the "day" or something else. I have this reasonably severe apocolypto-paranoia, and between Iowa, the tornadoes, the release of The Happening and weird discussions of whether there's any scientific basis for it, etc., I just don't need the role-playing. Meep.

I labeled mine with the meme's name, but I tried to make it sound "real" - as real as me fiddling with guns could ever be. I didn't think of the Iowa thing as I'm in Texas. I planned to change the tags on my post this afternoon to reflect the fakery, but I'm not going to change what I wrote in my post.

ETA: I realize my comment sounds a bit harsh, so I decided to edit it to apologize. I expected drama because BLITEOTW got people riled up last year, so I got a bit defensive immediately. I hope all of your friends are okay and I apologize if I caused any problems.

Edited at 2008-06-13 10:45 pm (UTC)

I thought it was totally hilarious last year and I didn't realize there was drama over it. I don't think anyone tried to hurt anyone deliberately, I just don't think everyone considered that oh, yeah, there actually are REAL posts like this on people's flists this time around. Yours was one of the ones that I couldn't tell what was going on and I was worried, because I had no clue what BLITEOTW stood for, as opposed to tagging it zombies. The zombie tag works a lot better for this, I think. Thanks.

I'm fine, D's fine, and our family is fine. Our family and friends in Manhattan are fine and have all sounded off, no one's house was damaged by the tornado.

I haven't received any calls from FEMA to deploy anywhere nor has anyone else from our port. But seeing as how we're about as far from the areas as a person can be, I'm sure there are more likely candidates to send so that doesn't mean much. I hope she stays safe.

Thar be water here. Lots o' water.

Tornadoes in Northwest Iowa tore up a scout camp in a bad way, that was very sad. That was...early last week? Time runs together for me...

They opened the spillways on Saylorville Lake on Tuesday night and closed all the bridges that crossed it except for the 235 bridge. Des Moines got really (voluntarily) evacuated on Friday afternoon, and the 235 got closed down, too (I'm told). One of the levees in Des Moines broke at 3:45 Saturday morning and parts of town that had been voluntarily evacuated were forcibly evacuated to shelters. North High School is flooded. Everyone is rightfully comparing it to 1993, because the scenario is similar. And the water is still coming.

You probably have friends that you regularly talk to and care about keeping you informed, but if you have any major questions or concerns, you are always send me an IM, (boneman1115 if you've deleted it). We're missing a lot of the flooding in Ames (luckily, though the soccer field and golf courses near my apartment are currently lakes) but not far south of here, it gets bad quick.

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