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cap, captain miss america
This picture is from a few days ago. I was walking home from the deli and I noticed that someone had kindly given my neighboring tree an artful cardboard brassiere.


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My first thought that it was eyes and glasses! That tree is looking at me...

I think it looks more like eyes in the photo than it did in person- the part that you're seeing as pupils were raised bumps, like nipples.

That's quite random, I must admit... Still, I suppose trees have a right to wear cardboard bras if they want to...

Haha, must be a pretty sheer bra.

I also thought those were a pair of glasses. That must be one very see-through bra.


*facepalms, laughs* oh, that's classy.

now i'm thinking of the treesweater.

I thought glasses too.

The tree it's LOOKING at me! Yay for random creativity...

Yeah, it looks a LOT more like glasses in the photo, but IRL it's got 3-d nipples and little glitter curlicues all over it, so I'm pretty sure it's a bra.

I'm jumping in to say I first thought they were glasses/eyes, too. Had you not pointed out what it was, I never would have gone down that path of thought. It's still funny, yet random.

It sort of looks like a superhero's mask. Like, uh, a busty tree superhero with ultimate powers of seduction. What won't they think of next?

Man.. I thought maybe that was sunglasses when I first cruised through my friendslist.

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