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Some lady bitched me out for bumping her purse on the escalator. She was obviously angry about things that I had nothing to do with.
I retaliated by telling her I hope she dies peacefully in her sleep and comes back happier in her next life, and by buying bottled water for every street vendor on 44th street between 5th and 9th Avenues.

I had exactly enough water to give a bottle to everyone who wanted one and still have one left for me. I offered the last one to several people, but none of them water it.

I think it makes sense to get back at strangers who try to make your day bad by trying to make other strangers' days better.

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I just finished watching Amélie and was feeling the come-down of "those things don't really happen outside of charming movies."
And here you are, being defiantly awesome. I'm glad to know you.

I think the highest compliment anyone could ever pay me is comparing me to Amelie.

What a great way of dealing with the situation! I really admire you :)

Thank you! I don't think it is so much worth admiring though as it is worth considering the ebb an flow of the universe and how maybe more positive energy might help!

That does sound like the perfect response to random acts of assholery.

Well, the real perfect response is kicking in the shins, but they arrest you if you do that. I hope that woman gets hit by a bus and it explodes her botox job.

HAhaa Damn, lady! That's more like it.

Wow. I will try to remember that next time a random stranger pisses me off. There are, actually, good ways to deal with these things.

You're an inspiration.

My ego really enjoys all the people telling me I am a good person and such, but I also feel like I need to not think that I am a better person than the bitchy lady. I notice that a lot of the time, the people who are the most unkind are the people who have everything-- this was a rich, white woman with a beauty parlor haircut, expensive clothes and glasses, an expensive bag, and lots of cosmetic surgery. It sort of makes me sad that she can't feel fulfilled enough with her life to not mind that someone tried to slip by her on the escalator (on the proper side for walking by people, mind, and politely saying excuse me as I passed, mind). But it was hot and gross out and all these people who have thankless jobs sweating in the sun were not complaining or being unkind to anyone.

That's actually made me feel happier, I was revising for my exams tomorrow which is never the most cheerful of things to do, but you've just brightened me up. Thankyou.
That was a really sweet thing of you to do.

I am glad I made you feel happier! I need to do more things like this. It makes the world happier.

Gosh, If only I could find that inside myself.

You can! Dude, all it takes is being like, okay, someone was an asshole to me! How can I prove that I don't deserve to be treated like that and that I am a better person than that asshole? By making other people happy!

And it works!

Incredibly nice. You have a good heart, lady. You been listening to Dale Carnegie?


Thirsty people are so trusting. Did they at least squint or hesitate when you handed them free water?

I totally had to look up who Dale Carnegie was, so no. I was thinking that this was a music rec from someone with obvs. good taste, ahaha.

A couple people said no. Most of the people who said no were cops and security guards, who I think must be trained not to accept free drinks. Everyone else took them. They were intact, sealed Poland Spring bottles so they looked pretty safe-- I made sure to get a recognizable brand of water and stuff before I did it!

That's one hell of an attitude, Tea! Go you!

It was only slightly less cool than killing cannibals.

Right action, you has it!

Yay positive energy waves.

Thanks for the smile.

I think making other people happy made me happy, which was good, because I could have let that lady get to me and ruin my day. Instead I felt happy and proud of myself and got to see other people smile. The dudes collecting money for the homeless were so, so thrilled.

I wish I have heard these words of wisdom earlier!

Just yesterday I was at the movies with my family, and I uncross/recrossed my legs and touched the chair of the woman in front of me two times. The first time she just turned around and looked at me as though I was a hoodlum, and the second time she fully turned around and started hounding on me, saying I was kicking her chair! She was so bitchy for an old lady, and she and her friend had come in after the movie started and sat right in front of us even though there were plenty of other empty seats - two of which she moved to after the confrontation. She really bothered me; I don't know how else to explain it. But yes, what I said up there!

I tend to find older people are much bitchier than younger people-- younger people don't always have manners, but it's not intentionally being assholes. I meet a lot of older people who think it's their prerogative to lecture or bitch out younger people who don't act exactly as they wish. I mean, today, I passed on the left side of the escalator, while she was standing still on the right-- which is how I was always taught to use escalators. I barely touched her, and I politely said 'excuse me' when I passed, because she did have a big bag that was in the way of me passing. And oh, god, old women on Long Island? That's exactly the type this woman was. I don't understand how people with so much wealth and time for leisure can be so miserable.

Random givers of water bottles are made of win.

I got the idea because I was watching the traffic cop in Times Square-- most thankless job EVER, and he has to wear his full uniform plus the little plastic reflector vest in gross hot weather.

But then when I went back, he was gone! The girl who was on the next shift didn't want any.

You're a wee bit awesome, just so you know.

Sorry to be a thickhead to your such wonderful act of kindness, but the water has nothing to do with the bitch!purse lady, right? (I was expecting a story of how all those water magically spilled inside her purse and on her head ;DDD)

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