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Sexual Fantasies
cap, captain miss america
I was walking home from visiting my friend Jo for dinner, which was lovely, when I saw a piece of crumpled paper on the ground outside the playground.

It had inky, scripty handwriting and looked like a letter, so I knelt down and squinted to read it.

It was from someone promising to fulfill someone's sexual fantasies. It actually used the term "sexual fantasies."

I almost picked it up and took it with me, but it was kind of filthy. Not in the sexual fantasy sense but in the covered with NYC street grime sense. Ew.

Embarrassing for the person who lost it Y/N?

What's the worst thing you've ever lost?
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My vibrator in a novelty shape.

But it was okay, I found it eventually in a private place!

A sketchbook filled with aborted attempts at porn.

My soul

AKA my Batman Converse during my Cab Trip. ;_; Whhhyyyyyy???

Mine is not as interesting. When I was 16, I was dating a guy who was 20. Obviously my parents hated him and we could never see each other. So he hid love letters and mixed CDs in the bushes of my church, and I'd retrieve them and swoon. As you do. Only once I couldn't find one of them for a couple of weeks, and was terrified someone had found it and given it to my parents. Hahaha.

But that's so sweet and romantic though!

Well, this isn't a loss, per se, but I once had a note intercepted by a teacher in junior high. It was all about the boy I had a crush on, and he read it out loud but skipped names. Somehow the preservation of my crush's anonymity didn't really mitigate my humiliation. Of course, now I can't even remember which boy it was about or anything that resulted, so clearly it can't have been all THAT traumatic.

I lost my leonardo and donatello to the mail. ;~; it was when they were hard to find when i was a kid and they were SUPER important to me. I've always been sad and have never managed to replace leo.

oh wait, there's one that's rather awful.

I lost a sketchbook in Junior High and when I finally found it at the end of the year someone had written horrible things about me in it, most of it questioning my sexuality. It was the first time I realized that most of the school thought I was a lesbian.

In high school, I made a Valentine for one of my teachers. I chickened out about giving it and then promptly lost it (most probably in their room)!

Seriously though, this one time in high school, when I was like lame and had few friends, I had this notebook where I was trying to invent some sort of code language. It didn't have my name in it and I left it in a classroom. The next time we had that class, the teacher held the notebook up and was like, "Does this belong to anyone? It's got this weird sort of writing in it, get a load of this-" and had started making fun of it when I got up, snatched it from him, and sat back down all red in the face.

He was a good teacher and I liked him a lot, but that day I would have killed him if only I had laser eyes.

Fairly graphic e-mails I'd printed out from my boyfriend when I was 14. I swear to god I've never spun such an impressive web of bullshit as I did to get out of that when my parents found them.

(Deleted comment)
Aw, man, my friend Brian and I used to write stories about our econ professor being an evil secret agent type. Fortunately he never found those.

I totally lost my tamagotchi in a Kroger. I think I was 12. And I felt really cool and awesome. I was so embrassed- because I think they were really exspensive- I remember them being like, $40? I was mortified and convinced that I was unable to take care of anything for a few months after that.

My mom was like, whatever, do you want a new one? And I remember being "NO. CAN'T YOU SEE I'M IRRESPONSIBLE?"

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