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Dear Friends' List,
cap, captain miss america
I will ask you the same question I was asked when I entered my parents' apartment tonight:


"Suppose you have been in a relationship with the same person for about thirty years, and you sleep in the same bed most nights. What would you do, if, after all this time, one night, you wake up in the middle of the night to an intense pain in your arm, so painful that you yell, because your partner is biting you so hard they they are breaking skin? And then suppose when you yell, they wipe the drool off their chin, turn over, and go back to sleep?"

Apparently my mother had a nightmare that she was being held hostage in a bank robbery. In her dream, she bit her captor's arm to escape.


I also saw two movies today: Get Smart and Hancock.

Get Smart was funnier than advertised, but otherwise, exactly what one would expect, I think. Steve Carrell was perfect for the part, and I was entertained by the completely implausible plot development they used to make Anne Hathaway age-appropriate as a romantic partner.

Hancock...was something completely different than I expected. I was expecting a lighthearted pseudo-action superhero movie with a big bad guy. From the trailers, the plot seems to be that someone is trying to kill him, and cover it up.

Not so. Not only are there clips in the trailer that are not actually from the movie and are clearly, clearly in the trailer to mislead audiences into not guessing the plot, the movie really delves deeper into Joseph Campbell-esque definitions of a superhero and the concept of superheroes as a re-invention of an age-old archetype, very American Gods-y in a manner of speaking. Jason Bateman plays the PR dude who makes it his mission to reinvent a drunkard as a superhero, to figure out what makes someone see a person as a hero, and there is a nifty bit that shows how very much appearance is what makes us see someone as a hero or just as an ordinary person. It toys with the premise of secret identities and what they mean. It deals with issues of alcoholism and abusive relationships. And it flirts with Plato in several not-so-subtle ways. I was impressed.

That's only funny because it didn't happen to me.

If it did happen to me, I'd be pretty upset for a little while. But I think it'd turn into one of those things I'd laugh about after my wounds healed.

I think it would be hilarious even if it DID happen to me, but I also know that it wasn't that bad a bite. My father tried to propose a "three bite agreement" to my mother, where if it happens two more times, they would separate.

My mother promptly bit him several times in a row.

That is pretty much the funniest nightmare I've ever heard. My mother once started unscrewing her creaky back door to give it to their neighbors in her sleep, but I think that one tops.

And honestly? I loved Get Smart. Im a loser and I dont even LIKE Steve Carrell. I loved the TV show, though, so all the weird little references that no one else got were the best parts.

I used to watch it all the time when I was a kid! It was a wonderful show and I thought they did a super job of keeping in the original spirit of it.

My dad's done similar to my mom. XD;; One time he grabbed her arm and started flailing all over because he was dreaming it was a firehose and he had to put the fire out.

Then there's the time Dave elbowed me in the head several times...

D's dad once grabbed his mom and started interrogating her in vietnamese once. He came pretty close to seriously hurting her too.

Hm. That actually makes me want to see Hancock even more!

Also, I would likely to be the one biting.

I would hit my spouse awake.

Glad to see that those two movies are worth seeing. You can tell that the "Hancock" trailers are misleading; there are two different sorts, with the comical one they play at the theater, and the "intense" one they play for some reason on the Sci-Fi channel. PLATO?

Seriously. You know the Aristophanes speech in Symposium? I don't want to give away too much, but it is essentially the premise for the movie.

Also: yes, I figured they were misleading, but I never guessed that they were MAKING UP SCENES THAT AREN'T IN THE MOVIE. Seriously. I haven't seen the sci-fi one though 'cause I haven't been watching much TV.

Edited at 2008-07-03 05:47 am (UTC)


I really wanna see Hancock now :D


Yes! I was actually going to ask you if you wanted to go because I will buy advance tickets!

I would assume that said partner had been turned by the undead and was trying to convert me too. And it would make me sad.

I thought all the relationships in Hancock were really really interesting. It was definitely more then the bad boy superhero thing I was expecting.

Ok, definitely want to see Hancock. (I was there the moment I heard Will Smith was in a superhero movie.)

As to the biting, that's an odd slice of wtf pie. No clue.

Um, the nightmare your mom had must've been pretty intense. That's... terrifying. o_o

I was previously confused with the Hancock trailers. One is really light and funny, one is really moody and intense. I was afraid that test audiences either thought it was too funny or thought it wasn't serious enough so they went a different route with it.
Glad to hear that they're just plain messing with us.

I am a huge supporter of movies that throw you for a loop with the trailer. I remember being SO impressed with virtually every ad for Zoolander, back when. They all featured "interviews" with the characters and things filmed totally just for the spot. They didn't start showing clips until JUST before it premiered, and even then they were in passing.

My sister has been known to abuse her husband in her sleep XD

Once, she was dreaming that she was being kidnapped but that she was trying to escape, and was saying, "No! Get away!" a lot. Her husband tried to wake her up, but she thought he was the one trying to kidnap her, so she started hitting him as hard as she could. Then, she rolled over and continued sleeping. Haha. He even had the bruises to prove it.

On the first one, I would probably sleep with long sleeves on for a few nights. The worst that's happened to me was a sleeping partner who weighed more than me rolled over and trapped me beneath them, so nothing that bad.
I've been itching to see Get Smart, and my dad & I noticed that Hancock looked interesting, so I'm glad to hear that they're both good. I need to get hopping on the movie-seeing before I wind up waiting for things to come to TV, like I did last summer.

What would I do? Probably what your dad is doing.

I am now in movie decision paralysis. I've been wanting to see "Hancock" since I saw the first trailer. "Get Smart" is also on my list. Then there are these movies at the local art house theater: "Mongol", "The Year My Parents Went On Vacation", "Then She Found Me", and "The Visitor."

I'm def going to a movie tonight and one tomorrow. But WHICH ONES???? Any advice? Suggestions? Clues? I hate having too many choices...

I've seen Mongol and The Visitor as well.

The Visitor also has a sort of misleading trailer, in that the movie is not nearly as lighthearted as it looks. It is serious and somewhat depressing but also really lovely. I would save this one though for when you are in the mood for something rather strained and heavy.

Mongol was also good. It is fairly typical historical costume drama but seeing the cultural perspective in it is fascinating.

Get Smart is by far the funniest. It's very entertaining and if you are going with your kids, Get Smart and Hancock are both probably age-appropriate with nothing really graphic, though Hancock does have pretty realistic violence and needles if you are going with anyone squeamish. Likewise, Mongol is pretty bloody.

I was wondering where you got the idea that Hancock was a comedy, because on Canadian tv all the commercials look pretty serious. But now I'm sort of vaguely remembering the original theatre trailer and it did look sort of funny.

Hahaha. XD As someone who regularly gnaws on people to show affection, I find that completely hilarious.

I really enjoyed Get Smart as well! I knew our local movie reviewer was a total moron, but when he talked about how awful Get Smart was, and how AWESOME The Love Guru was, I decided that I will never look at his reviews again, much less read them.

Of course, he tends to rank each movie based upon how many hot chicks are in it. I really need to know why a movie is good aside from "hot chicks."

Mike Myers' movies are the only comedies I find so totally offensive I can't watch them. Ugh.

I saw Hancock, too. I definately enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.