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Sweet Dreams are Made of These!

I have had two rather detailed dreams lately-- both Friday and Saturday nights! Both very different and v. interesting!

I dreamed that I was hanging out with Seth Rogen. I don't know. He's not really a particular favorite of mine, nor is he someone I really dislike. So it was sort of random. Anyway, in my dream, he was friends with my brother from somewhere, and Nate introduced us and had to leave. So he starts telling me about this secret long-play Simpsons episode that he had worked on called "Schwartzeneggers in Space." And we watched it. It was about President Schwartzenegger leading an expedition into space and it had this long segment where a teenaged Bart talked about how he was having disturbing wet dreams about his sister and how Lisa was a hottie and he would totally do her if they weren't related. There was some shit about the percentage possibility of their children being inbred. I DON'T KNOW. IT WAS A DREAM OK? Anyway then Seth Rogen offers to make me balloon animals out of condoms? But I don't have any? So we went on a wacky hijinks adventure around the neighborhood I grew up in looking for condoms, but then we could only find the studded kind and he said those made bad balloon animals? So we ended up eating snack cakes in the drug store instead.

I dreamed about these two young children, a thirteen year old boy named William and and eight year old girl named Rosalie, who were siblings. William was wiry, fair and blonde with spiky hair, Rosalie had olive skin and long, brown curls. Anyway, one day, two other kids, a thirteen year old boy and an eight year old girl show up on their doorstep. The girl's name was Sofia and she was pretty classically Spanish in appearance, but I don't remember the boy really apart from him having red hair and freckles. They show up and introduce themselves as William and Rosalie's Operational Partners, or OPs.


William and Rosalie are the recipients of a recessive gene that makes them each part of a binary system: their OPs are the other half of their binary. Binaries, once they've discovered their OP, have magical powers...including floating, heating things, and theoretically other things, but I didn't learn what. They generally live in a separate world that is overlaid with ours and blend in completely, although their world is a good hundred and fifty years behind ours. For example, if you see a car turning into a driveway, it may be a Binary in a horse/buggy that looks like a car to our untrained eyes.

The only time an ordinary person can see through a binary's illusion is when they are running. There was some pseudoscience Einsteinian relativity explanation for this.

Anyway, then the story jumps to nine years later. Rosalie is seventeen. She and Sofia have just attended a ball, and are dressed in ballgowns: Rosalie in a dark red one, Sofia in a cream one.

Shortly after the ball, Sofia disappears. Looking for her, Rosalie encounters a man named Inspector Noriega. He had a name in my dream, with a P, I think, but I forget what, and he looked like Gael Garcia Bernal in a Victorian police officer's costume, with a mustache and a pince-nez. Inspector Noriega tells Rosalie that Sofia has been taken by a group that is kidnapping binaries...and lets her in on the secret about people being able to see through the illusions when Binaries are running.

She deliberately gets herself captured by this group, who are housing all of the kidnapped binaries in a mansion that has been divided off into these cells where they are holding groups of binaries in each. They introduce her to this slimy lawyer, named Mister Clark, and he says he's representing her 'case' and that she's going to be 'tried' and either be permitted to go home or forced to stay. He demands papers she doesn't have. They tell her that's too bad, because that means they can't release her.

They put her in a holding cell with five kids all younger than she is, including this little fat piggy boy with whom she has a food fight. Then, she realizes the mistake they've made: because she's a recessive binary who grew up in the modern world, she understands modern technology, whereas the kidnappers have put her in a holding cell that is along a wall with an electric outlet. She charges her phone, calls her mom, and her mom sends to police to storm the place.

I woke up when the police arrived.

That is when I woke up!

Now I sleep again! N'night!
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