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i'm only sleeping
cap, captain miss america
i want to be doing something, but we are staying at my 'rent's house until tonight because mikey wants to see the fiesta bowl. it's okay, my mom and i will go see a beautiful mind but i hate not being able to do anything constructive and, well, i haven't been able to check my mail since sunday evening. brargh. that always makes me antsy. i like having the journal at least because i can still writey-write.

yum, writing good.

i got back into finishing my novel i think. i just really want to get to the part where i can write about tola; i also have been burbling with ideas for either jeanne or for sascha. i think jeanne is going to use her book-smarts to fool everyone into thinking she is a princess; i think she is going to just always complain about not being able to sleep everywhere she goes until someone thinks it's because they put a pea in her bed. i also really want to write about isabel but i have to come up with more ideas about how to personalize that story besides just ripping off the taming of the shrew.

i had never thought about auberonna as an interesting character and now i know all these things about her; it's really nifty. she has power because she is impenetrable. my mom got me presents--two new pairs of armwarmers, one pair which is identical to the pair i wear all the time, because she didn't want them to wear out on me, two new pairs of mittens, one pair which are new green-striped snakey friends, and a velvet scarf. mikey got me a stuffed woolly rhino named maxwell. i hate getting toys that are already named for me, but he says he can't hug them unless he names them so he named it while he was in florida. it's a nice rhino though. i still haven't gotten him an xmas present. i wish i knew what to do for him.

i think i am babbling on and on. sleeping here isn't good; my mattress isn't firm enough and mikey and i always end up on the one twin mattress together and i get squooshed as i sleep. my neck hurts.

my cookies were the best thing we had at our new year's party. i made chocolate hazelnut cookies that used ground hazelnuts instead of flour. they were good. the gelato we made was also good-- lemon and fra angelico flavours. i ate veal, which didn't make me happy, but it was the main course and i couldn't really turn it down, but i was disappointed that i ate veal and it wasn't even very good veal. but the risotto with truffles was good. so were the poached pears, but i think that is because i convinced my mother to poach them in san cerre. that was yum.