tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

Internet Friends

I just had dinner with delizia. It was quick and simple, but it was totally comfortable even though I've never met her before in my life. We had dinner, chit-chatted like old friends, yapped about books and movies and it was pretty darn good. It was so nice to meet her after all these years. This is one of the things I love about so many of my internet friends...you can hang out without pretension and just slip into comfortable conversation without any kind of awkwardness.

Tomorrow, rotae is coming to stay with me (I am cleaning for her arrival), and then I will get to meet a bunch of people including dakinishir and cheshire23 on Saturday!


It is just amazing to always have friends wherever you go. I love you, internet.
Tags: friends, life
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