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Dark Knight and Bright Day

rotae got in yesterday, and she has been sleeping in my living room! We went with cacophonesque to an American Diner and Rotae was very impressed with our waffles.

Then, we met up with Colin and went to stand in line for Dark Knight. This line? Was insane. Seriously insane. I don't think I've stood on a line like this in ages...we were around the fucking corner. I think it was longer than the one for the Simpsons opening night last year. Freaking insane. Destiny found friends on the line. Then, when they started letting people into the theater, all hell broke loose-- it was incredibly disorganized and there was a huge crush of people. I got into the theater well before the rest of my group, mostly because I was helping a pregnant girl who kept getting squished.

We did not get any of the previews I was looking forward to seeing apart from Terminator. I was extremely disappointed: no HP, no Watchmen.

Onto the movie. I would normally not do this, since everyone and his mother has already commented on it, but I want to say:

1) I thought it was good.
2) I didn't think it was a masterpiece, nor did I think it was as good as Iron Man.

1) I have to say, the first shot of the film? Was too long, and too much of nothing. I thought it was a very odd choice to start the film off with that long zoom of a nondescript building. I know that's a small thing to complain about, but it's the first thing you see onscreen and was very odd to me.

2) Heath Ledger exceeded my expectations and played an absolutely lunatic character that made me go 'holy fuck' a lot, Aaron Eckhart was as good as I expected. However: I am still baffled as to why Heath Ledger is mimicking Jack Nicholson's voice. That's not the Joker; that's all Jack and one of the major complaints people generally have about Jack's Joker is it's too much himself. So that still confuses me. I also was not impressed at all with the Two-Face makeup-- it reminds me too much of the old Hellraised movies. But those are mainly superficial complaints.

3) I loved the use of the old team-building exercises in real life in the Joker's 'experiments'-- we had to do the Ferry Experiment in my high school, albeit not with real explosives, obviously. I love doing those, and it was so cool to see the way they implemented them as actual plot.

4) I was surprised by the way the whole faked-death-of-Jim-Gordon was handled. One of the things I really liked in the first movie was that Ra's al Ghul as played in such a way that knowing that Liam Neeson's character must really be Ra's (as most fans of the comics/cartoon knew) didn't spoil the movie. I felt like the bit with Jim wasn't played for quite enough tension to do that-- his 'death' was almost glossed over to the point where it was made to seem inconsequential, and that simply didn't work for me when I knew the character couldn't possibly be dead.

5) I was likewise surprised by the decision to have John Gordon live. I know they'll never get to the point in the series where Babs is old enough to go Batgirl, but it's kind of interesting in terms of what it means for Babs.

6) I was sort of insulted that Babs didn't get a name in the credits? The child playing her was just listed as "Gordon's Daughter." WTF?

7) And I have serious problems with Rachel Dawes. What the fuck year is this, people? And we still take female characters who seem to have strong personalities and be capable of not only intelligent thought but potentially even protecting themselves, and stick them in refrigerators so big, masculine men can act like dogs marking their territory and go crazy and evil? Not okay. Seriously not okay. And that, coupled with what I thought was an uneven plot that could have been shorter, is why I felt like Iron Man was a stronger film. Pepper fucking kicks ass and holds her own to the end. Rachel isn't a character but a plot point for the men to fight over.

That being said, I thought it was a decent, solid movie, but by no means the perfect, flawless thing so many people are hailing it as. If it were flawless, it wouldn't have treated women like objects.

Colin brought me a present: an amazing big book about Ralph Bakshi (I almost typed 'Batshit' there).

Today, we went out to meet lab_mistress and cheshire23 and dakinishir, none of whom I'd met before and lab_mistress is someone I had never even really interacted with. They were all such amazing people and I loved ever minute of our winding chats as we perused the stacks of the Strand, and then our hunts through Forbidden Planet, where I got to play tour guide and recommend comics to people who are beginner comics fans. This was lovely.

Then we left Rotae so she could go watch Avatar and went out for Ethiopian food. It was delicious! Now I am home and Rotae and I are sitting on my sofa bed noodling on our Macs. I think we are going to go do TKTS in the morning and see a Sunday matinee woo!
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