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Leaving New York, never easy
cap, captain miss america
I am getting depressed about my living situation.

When I get back from San Diego, I have approximately a month to decide what I am doing and where I am going to be living. And it is rushing down on me like a deluge, weighting my shoulders. I do not want to leave New York, and yet, I don't have time or money to find a different apartment in a place where I would like to be.

Maine and Connecticut are both temporary options, but I don't like the idea of living somewhere where I can't get around easily. I would get a bicycle either place, but a bicycle is only a realistic mode of transportation until around early November. I can't bike in the winter, and I am leery of wearing helmets everywhere I go with my hair, and biking in a city with no helmet is really not an option as far as I'm concerned. And I still have to arrange to move, pack my stuff. I don't want to do any of it. Finding apartments in New York is difficult and expensive. I would prefer to do it but after my experiences with my landlord, I'm hesitant to get back into that shit. But it means no movies, it means no takeout. It means trying to figure out how to maneuver the grocery situation. It means going back to purchasing everything I own online. It means I am not really sure how to avoid cabin fever. It means not having friends in close proximity, if I go to Connecticut. I am not sure. I'm really not sure.

Argh. Yeah. The closer it gets, the sadder I get, because I love New York and this is the place that runs in my veins, that is home to me and that I can never really bring myself to leave. This place is my lifeblood, and I am already feeling homesick.

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I realize it will not actually sove any of these problems, but if you get too bored of Connecticut/wherever, you can come to New Orleans. I have a breakfast nook we can pretend is your room.

That is kind of why I can't stand long stays in Willimantic, after living in Boston. I'm not attached to a specific city, but I can see why after living in New York, it would be frustrating being anywhere else.

I would actually love to do that for a while possibly. It would definitely mean more to do.

Yes! And no winter weather restrictions on when you can walk/bike yourself around.

The closer it gets, the sadder I get, because I love New York and this is the place that runs in my veins, that is home to me and that I can never really bring myself to leave.

Then you're not leaving.

Is there anyone in NYC that you could live with for a certain amount of time and for a small fee/no fee? I spent a few months in England having to flit from house to house while trying to sort myself out, and while it's not ideal it can be a means to an end.

Edited at 2008-07-21 08:46 pm (UTC)

I don't know anyone who has an extra room-- if they did, they'd probably already be renting it! That's part of why I would be going to Maine-- there's a spare room available for me there.

Another f-list buddy of mine just moved to the city. She's got a place now, but before she did, she lined something up with a women's residence hall of some sort. Would that be a possibility for you, just until you can get something more permanent squared away?

I work from my home, so I need to be somewhere with reliable high-speed internet access petty much 24/7. If a place like that has stuff like that, then great, I could do that. But I somehow doubt it?

I also have a lot of furniture, etc., that needs to be moved somewhere. I'm not sure what to do with it all.

Is there anywhere outside of the city you could live? Maybe Westchester (I know, crazy expensive) or Putnam? How about Jersey or Long Island? If you decide on Connecticut, find a place in New Haven since the train goes there. And I know Yonkers is building like crazy.

*HUG* It'll all get sorted out! :)

The issue with outside the city becomes transportation. I have been thinking about doing White Plains as long as I can find a place near the train station, because the mall is right there, the movies are right there, and there's a grocery store right there. But most places outside the city not only don't have things withing walking distance, but they're not open 24 hours, either. The other big kicker is that I really don't want to be that far away from my friends. The other non-Manhattan possibility is close to the Kaufman Astoria movie theater.

White Plains have great buses and although it's kind of hilly and things are a bit of a hike, it's a nice city. The train station is really convenient too and I made heavy use of it when I was at Purchase.

Ehh, there are entire chunks of the day when the buses don't run in White Plains, and a lot of the bus routes stop running really early. I don't want to be dependent on the buses. The train station is great though and as long as I can be near the train and the mall I think I would be cool.

Wish I had something helpful to offer Tea. I can totally see why you don't want to leave the city, and I hope you find a way to stay.

It's okay! I am not so much looking for helpful offers. I am just trying to work out in my own head what makes the most sense because I really just want to have a home in a place that I love.

Would you be in like, cabiny Maine? Because I hear Portland, Maine is super nice, and you'd be able to get around on a bike.

No, Portland...but I've been to Portland several times at this point. It is super nice but it is very tiny and everything closes super early. And it is much too snowy to bike in the winter. This is why I'm concerned about going there.

I'm sure you've mentioned and I've forgotten with all the Drug Test O' Doom drama. When are you going to be in San Diego?

Good luck with your housing situation. I have no advice to offer other than do what makes the most sense.

Tomorrow through Sunday!

I will be there for Comic-Con, for work!

Awesome. Unfortunately I'll be working all of those days :( Or not. They say they'll have a decision for me tomorrow. Then it'll either be business as usual or I'm starting the EEO grievance process.

Bah. I'm going to be there for work, so no worries. I'm not sure I'll have much time to meet up with folks unless they're people actually at Comic-Con. But let me know if you are free and we'll see if we can't work something out!

Have fun either way! Stay out of Tijuana ;)

I can understand your housing situation detracting from the awesomesauce, but omg you're going to Comic Con. I'm so jealous of you right now it's unreal; there's so many panels this year I want to go to.

And I really hope you find a way to stay in New York, or get back there after a very brief hiatus. I'm gonna need a tour guide ;)

I have nothing helpful to offer (what with being an Aussie) other than: man, that sucks :( I really hope you manage to find a way to stay in NY, as I can tell how much you love it. Good luck! *hugs*

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