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Good Stuff
cap, captain miss america
Just a quick one.

My Cintiq came in the mail. It takes some getting used to, in terms of figuring out how to coordinate it with my laptop monitor, but now that I'm getting more comfortable with that, it is a damn fine piece of equipment.


now I go to sleep!
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WOOOO~ Let me know how you like it! :D

So far, I am pleased. It actually works as its own display, which made it a little confusing to set up and wasn't what I expected-- I assumed it would just display whatever image file you had opened, not act like a second monitor, so it's a tad confusing navigating between my real monitor and the Cintiq, but I love the drawing.

ZOMG, I woulda guessed colored pencil. Pretty! ♥

Thanks! I am using a program called ArtRage which I love for the way it mimics analog media.

It's so pretty! :D

AND DUDE. I JUST FOUND YOUR KEYS *headdesks* SORRY. LOL. I'll mail them to you next week :D


It's ok! Don't worry about it, I am moving out of that apartment.

LOL. Okay, I thought you might be :D I hope you get the one with the yard! That sounded awesome :D

And hey, if you ever want to break back into the place, you know where to find some keys! It might take a week to get them though XDDD


hey awesome! how do you like the cintiqin'? which one did you get?

I got the smaller one, the 12xw, which is exactly the same size as my laptop and very easy to slip into my bag. And it's a pretty darn big workspace. I'm pretty pleased with it so far although it doesn't quite work the same way as a regular tablet and is taking some getting used to.

Lucky you! It is apparently THE thing to have! Nice drawing, too!

IT takes a little getting used to, but I really enjoy it. This was a very well-spent tax refund.

Ooooo! Aren't they lovely? :D

IT is lovely. I am just worried about scratching it.

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