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Art and life
cap, captain miss america
1) Birthday drinks, Thursday, 7:30. If you didn't get the memo yet, let me know and I will fill you in on details on a non-public post. Everyone who is anyone is invited.

2) I has guests! I get a rainy_day, seori, quizzicalsphinx, and starhammer all on Wednesday and Thursday. I am super excited about this. Then we go to Connecticut with a kidnapped Colin. liret will be here on Saturday. Brother may or may not be coming, is up in the air. I spent the weekend making sure there were clean sheets on the guest beds, and planning the menu, which is all planned except for Friday night appetizers.

3) I like socks.

4) This strange lady stopped by the house today. It turns out-- she is one of the previous owners of our house, and lived here for nineteen years! We took her on a tour, she told me what had changed and what was the same since she lived here, and it was pretty awesome. What a nice lady.

5) We had a hogwarts_elite Slytherin/Gryffindor chat last night. I asked for art request to practice with my tablet, and am pleased to show you all the result, which is Regulus Black strangling Sirius.

I am getting pretty used to the tablet and really enjoy it, although I do have to say that it is not what I expected-- the CIntiq actually acts as a second monitor, it doesn't just display whatever art file you're working on, which is what I expected. This makes it a little confusing for moving between art files and navigating the regular computer, but it is getting better as I get used to it. I am really pleased with the line quality and stuff, though.

The other thing that it is making me think about is my artistic style and the adaptation from black and white pencils which are my preferred medium to colored lines. I'm still using it very much like I draw with pencils, which is interesting. I like that I can modulate my line with firmer control than when I am penciling, and make it wider for shading large spaces, but I still want to use cross-hatch and fine line shading. The thing I like the best is that I can build my artwork out of layers of lines, I can do very rough skeletons and then open a new layer and lay down flat colors right over the skeletons with no intermediary steps.

6) cheshire23 tagged me in one of those memes where you're supposed to thank people for brightening up your day. I am supposed to pick people who brightened up my day, and then you are supposed to do the same if you like.

Today, I will pick rainy_day, quizzicalsphinx, rattsu, cacophonesque, batchix, cheshire23, lorryl, callmecaito, gildedage, and hug_machine

But I love the rest of you too!

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I think someone must drink my share of drinks for me, yes? I'd like to be there in spirit (PUN AHAHAH).

<3 the picture, there's a really cool scratched quality to the white highlights.

YAY drinks! Hehehehe.

Also, you make my day all the time. ♥

Also, also... um... *confettis*

Hee! People need to strangle Sirius more often.

HOORAY! Also I love the way the pic turned out, especially the cross-hatching on Reggie's shirt!

For an example of what you can do with linework only in many layers, look through Scott McCloud's, "Making Comics." He did the whole thing on a Cintiq. I got to play with one of the files when he was in this part of the country last year. Like you, he was layering everything just no color. Keep enjoying!

Hee, I love the way Sirius's face is all "I can't believe you're trying to kill me!"

I so WISH I could come down for your birthday. Unfortunately, I have to get blood drawn and drink icky orange crap bright and early the next morning. Glucose tests suck. :/

I am sorry! Toast me on your orange crap?

I agree with Nikki - people need to strangle Sirius more often XD It's a great piece! I love their hair.

Yay! More art!

In other news, I can't get to New York on Thursday. I do have Saturday and Sunday off, however, if you want me to meet you in New York when y'all get back or if you decide on a shot-gun trip to Boston one of those days.

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