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cap, captain miss america
cacophonesque and I went out tonight to see shinyredtype, AKA Lemony Kickit and the Bronx Gridlock KICK THE QUEENS OF PAIN'S ASSES.


I totally thought I would be home by a reasonable hour, but we went out to the after party and then to Odessa and got many potato and bacon type foods.

We both played bingo! but neither of us won. Neither did we win the gift package full of bacon salt, which disappointed me. I would have liked some bacon salt.

And I totally got in at 3:55 am. I think the last time I got home this late was last year for Harry Potter. But it necessitated a memorial post!

(shinyredtype is in the fedora.)


I kinda want to become a derby cheerleader now.

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Awesome night was made of awesome.

Also, I would consider becoming a jeerleader also. It would be a fun hobby. :D

You two look totally awesome; and so does the roller derby team!

I think becoming a derby cheerleader would be a very fufilling career path.

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