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Old Crap For Giveaway
cap, captain miss america
Moving out, I am finding many things that are in lovely condition but that need new homes.

1) I have an old HP pavilion laptop, about 4 years old that is still in good working order as far as processors go, has Photoshop 7 loaded on it, Microsoft Office. It does, however, have no power cable of its own. You can buy an iGo charger that seems to work okay with it for about $100. It does require a bit of futzing with, so I would not recommend it as a primary computer, but if you are looking for something to take to a coffee shop now and then or bring travelling with you and not worry about beating it up, it would probably be a good computer to have. I would be willing to sell it for about $100 obo. I'll clean most of my documents off it but leave all the applications. I think it will fit into a flat rate mailer, so I could conceivably mail it out to someone for about $10 extra if you're in the US.

2) I have a 4 year old Magnavox 20 inch tube TV and a small DVD player. Obviously, I can't mail the TV, but I can mail the DVD player. Both are clean and in good working order, but I don't have connector cables for the DVD player. I would sell them separately for $25/tv or $10/dvd or $30 for both together. Neither have remotes, but you can get a nifty universal remove for cheap. You would have to be able to come pick up the TV from me.

3) I have a large quantity of size 8, 8.5, 9 shoes in varying styles. Most of them are barely worn. If you're a size 8-9 and interested in some shoes for free or cheap, let me know and I will tell you what I have.

4) I have tons and tons and tons of plastic and wire/mesh hair curlers. I would be willing to send these to people for the price of shipping.

5) I have a 2' flat hair iron and a flippin' huge almost 2" big barrel curling hair iron. Both are barely used and I doubt that is going to change. $5 each plus shipping.


My policy on books: Books cost $1 plus the price of shipping, OR you can mail me a book in return.
Sherrilyn Kenyon, Seize the Night (Got it for free, haven't read)
Libba Bray, Rebel Angels (sequel to A Great and Terrible Beauty, bulky hardcover, replaced with paperback)
Philippa Gregory, Earthly Joys (Not as much gay sex as advertised)
Jerry Spinelli, Wringer (kids' book, enjoyed it, just probably won't read again)
Joseph O'Connor, Star of the Sea (has been sitting unread on my shelf and should pass on to happy home)
Markus Zusak, The Book Thief (Could not get past the third page, hated the writing style)
Christopher Priest, The Prestige (Book the movie is based on. Not as good as the movie, but enjoyed it. Would recommend to people who want to learn about film adaptation)

Please just let me know here if you are interested in any of the above and I will mail stuff out later this week! If you are in NYC and want the TV, tell me that and we'll arrange a pick-up! Must be before Thursday. Or possibly Thursday night.

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I might be interested in the laptop. Also the shoes. And the flatiron.

OMG. Give me your stuff, Tea!

Ok! We can discuss on Tuesday then unless someone else here wants stuff and then I will make you mudwrestle.

Yeah, definitely the flatiron, because I've been shopping for one, and would prefer my business go to House of Tea, rather than a chainstore.

If someone else is eager to cough up the cash for the laptop, then give it to them.

And I'll look through your shoes when I come help you pack!

If you're willing ot post to the UK, I could really use the iron, curler and the curlers.

As long as you are willing to pay the shipping, I am willing to ship. Problem with irons is that I am not sure they work in your outlets without an alternator for the current. The flat iron is spoke for, but the curling one is still available, and I would be happy to stuff a big envelope full of curlers and mail them to you for the price of shipping. I'm just not sure how to do the money exchange. Possibly I may ask you to mail me an envelope of crunchie bars and pastilles back instead?

Ah, yes, they'd need an adaptor of some kind. Yes, we could do the curlers, though. I need something that will make ringlets out of poker-straight hair so if you think they'll do the job I can happily exchange for the chocolate and sweets of your choice :)

Excellent! I will send you a bunch of my smallest-size ones, then and you can see if they work! PM me your address?

You have curlers? OMG and here I thought it was all natural...

The curlers are actually for getting the curl OUT.

Now I have heard everything! Seriously! They are the anti-curlers then!

Do you have to have read the rest of the series for the Sherrilyn Kenyon? Well, you haven't read it, so you may not know. *thinks about it*

Yeah, I have no clue, I just got it for free and it's not the kind of book I am interested in.

*grins* I'm not sure it's to mine, I've just heard the author mentioned by some friends. Ah, well, you probably do have to have read the series for it to make sense, since Amazon says it's #7. Oh, well. Have a whole stack of new books to read. Speaking of books, do you like the Libba Bray books? I've looked at them a number of times but haven't spoken to anyone who's read them.

I really liked the first one, I enjoyed the second one but not as much as the first. I've also met Libba in person and she's lovely so I am highly in favor of giving her money.

I will take any books no one else wants!

I would happily trade you books, only I'm not sure you really need me to give you more. :P

DVD player please! And shoes in size 8 possibly.

I'm dithering about the laptop. Eldest would ADORE it, but I'm not sure I want to do it yet. Is it set up for wireless internet?

Thanks Tea. This is awesome. Also, a great idea.

Yes, it is set up for wireless internet. I do want to stress that it IS a bit wonky to charge...sometimes you have to shut it off to let it re-charge and such. It runs perfectly well once it's on, enough to run photoshop and other programs, but it can be a bitch to GET on. The reason I'm not selling it with the original power cord is not because I don't have it, but because I find that the iGo one works much better to actually keep a charge on the computer, and I would much rather be up front about the extra cost.

I will definitely put the DVD player aside for you, if you want to PM me your address I can stick in a box and mail it later this week.

That's cool. I think I'm gonna pass on the 'puter. Eldest is not the most patient human on the planet. I suppose giving her fodder for frustration wouldn't be useful.

Will send you my address for the DVD player, thanks. How do I get ze money to you?

Got any comfy flats or nifty boots in size 8?

Yeah, I think this one is more better for someone who just wants something they can take to a cafe now and then but who has a desktop at home. I actually have ANOTHER laptop that is in much better shape, but ALSO needs a cord (i swap the cord between the two of them, this one the cord actually snapped) and it has worn-off keys on the keyboard but no problem plugging in or anything like that. I can't quite get rid of it yet, but I'm planning on buying a replacement pc in the next couple months, so I will keep you in mind for that one. It's newer (less than two years old) so I would probably want some more money for it but I'll let you know when I'm ready to get rid of it.

I'll let you know how much the shipping cost once I send it, and you can either stick cash or a check in an envelope if that's ok with you?

Oh, and shoes-- I will take photos of shoes as soon as I finish up my packing goals for today.

Edited at 2008-08-18 02:05 am (UTC)

Great, thanks for keeping in mind for that one. I may very well be interested when the time comes, though I am in no particular rush.

Will send check.

Thanks again!

Here's everything that fits that description--

Black buckle boots, very low heel, size 9, black rubber rain boots, never worn, size 8, brown Victorian-style lace-up boots, size 8.5, black shiny heel boots, size 9, gold ballerina flats, size? but somewhere between those, and dark grey short low double-buckle boots, worn once, size 8.5 The other ones are lightly worn-- I've worn the boots on the left probably a dozen times, but they're just too narrow for my feet and tend to squish my toes. The other ones, I've worn less; the heel on the brown ones is a bit too high for me, the middle ones were Jess' that didn't fit her, the ballet flats I've worn a few times but just aren't my style, and the dark gray ones I bought for a costume and haven't had a reason to wear them since (I admit they have a rather strong chemical-y odor, and I don't know if that would go away from wearing them more frequently).

The rubber boots, brown boots, and grey boots, I think I would want like $5 for plus shipping because they are all brand new or almost new, but the other ones I would mail to whoever wants them for just the cost of shipping.

Edited at 2008-08-18 07:08 am (UTC)

I'd like to claim the black buckle and black shiny boots, if I'm not too late please!

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