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I am doing the best that I can.
cap, captain miss america
I am pleased with my progress. I set myself a goal of packing my entire bedroom today, and I finished it at around 9:30 pm. I packed a little in the living room/kitchen, too.

I got some work done after that. Slowly but surely, I am making a dent in the overwhelmingness. Tomorrow, I will pack my bathroom and see what comes after that. I didn't eat anything but Oreos and Tostitos today, though, and that is a minus in the book of Healthy Tea, but sometimes we need days full of Oreos and Tostitos.

I am already a bit disappointed with my apartment. Which is sad. IT has a yard, yes, but I didn't realize it didn't have closets. How did I not notice it had no closets? I am upset with myself over this. I am already sort of planning on moving out in a year, which is depressing, considering that I'm losing money every year I move to a new apartment, what with the broker's fees. I just want a real home I can always be in, how hard is that? What sucks most is that if I hadn't been planning on moving to Maine, my landlord would not have tried to screw me over, and I would be staying in the same apartment for another year. Or I would have had more time to look for another place and found something I'd be really happy with.

I also need to buy air conditioners this week.

And my neck is killing me.

But still, pleased with progress. Not so pleased with new apartment. We'll see how I feel after living there a month or two.
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Closets are for the weak. And they secretly eat your stuff if you don't clean them enough. Better not to risk it.

True! I hadn't considered this!

i agree with jess. and i heard the boogie man lives in closets, so we definitely don't want you to have any in your apartment. it's just not worth the risk!

I don't know, if there was a bogeyman I could make him share the rent!

Well... get a cheap IKEA closet or two? Or clothes racks where you can hang your clothes out on? Or a cool chest thing like the olden days? If it turns out you like the place apart from the lack of closets you might be better off investing in more furniture instead!

But then again I love my odd solutions and interior decorating stuff...

A lot of places there probably will have little closets... it takes away from that valuable floor space after all...

No, this isn't really an issue I've had anywhere else? The only time I haven't had a decent-sized closet was in my first apartment, and that's because it was a one-bedroom I shared with someone else, and she had the closet in her room. There isn't really floor space for furniture like that; in fact, I might have to dump my dresser; I'm not sure if that is going to fit, although that's fine with me, if I can't keep it in the living room, I am thinking I can replace it with under-the-bed boxes/drawers. There is a pole for hanging clothes, but it's blocking the only window in the bedroom; I might put in a different pole somewhere else instead.

Awww! I didn't have a closet when I was growing up. Nor did my brother. We lived in this ancient old farmhouse that had very few closets in it.

I think that you should just wait and get settled in before you start fretting too much. You might just be feeling anxiety because you're moving, and it's very stressful to move even when you really *want* to do it.

Also, I'll be over tomorrow to help! And to cheer you up and drink your beer!

I know that is what I'm doing; I get really neurotic about moving. And the problem this time is that I love my current apartment and don't want to move, but I really don't want to be living with this landlord anymore. I am up way before my wake-u[ time this morning because they fucking had a plumber ring my doorbell like it was the end of the world a half-hour ago and I can't get back to sleep.

What does it have instead of closets??

It has a pole? In a really bad place because it blocks the only window, and thus the only place for air conditioning, in the bedroom?

You might have to post some pictures so I can get a feel for this, plus now I am interested in this pole

I gto asked if it was "like a stripper pole?" the other night.

(Deleted comment)
I'm mostly disappointed with myself because I feel like I let stress get the better of me and made a hasty choice without actually going through a mental checklist to make sure the apartment had everything I wanted.

I vote for raising your bed and hitting the Container Store for tubs and then a rack for things that absolutely must be hung up. that's kind of crazy, though, who builds an apartment with no closets?

but yay packing and no more stupid landlord!

Wow. Good work with the packing! I've moved ... four times in my life, and three of those times I had to pack all my belongings up myself, and I'm pretty sure it took me like four days each time. Haha.

No closets, huh? That's really annoying. I was going to suggest raising your bed and putting boxes/drawers in, but you already thought of that!

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