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Done/To Do
cap, captain miss america
I packed everything in my bathroom but the essentials!

I packed my books and took apart my bookshelves. I cleaned out my electrical doodads and started work on my desk. I packed my shoes and all my belts and many accessories. I packed my sewing machine and my scanner.

Dishes are the main big thing that needs to get done. I will do those tomorrow with cacophonesque because I think dishes are easy for someone else to help pack.

I bought two air conditioners, which will be installed on Friday. My cable is also coming on Friday.

I have a request: I am thinking about doing Big Brother/Big Sister, and I need people who know me IRL and "know my living situation" to act as references. I don't need very many, but they don't need to be professional references, just people who socialize with me and can say I am reliable and responsible enough to mentor a kid. Any takers?

You may also have read in cacophonesque's journal that we are planning to get tattoos together. I love this plan because it will actually light a fire under my ass so I do it (I've been 'planning' to do it for over a year and it was supposed to be last year's birthday present). I am going to get this on my left ankle.

If I like it, I have two other ones planned-ish. I want to get "The World is Quiet Here," probably on the back of my neck, right on the base of my scalp where my hair will cover it up, and finally, I want to get a Fancy Chicken done up like a piece of Hokusai art with lots of bright colors on my right shoulder.

(No, I don't totally get ahead of myself).

I should go to sleep. I meant to go to sleep but then I got thinky. Nighty nighty loveys. Three days and I will be in a new apartment.

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I will refrence you!Big sistering is something I was looking at doing when I get back to New Orleans.

You will have the most awesome tatoos ever. I still can't decide if I'd want the VFD symbol on my ankle or a fleur-de-lis.

I want a fleur-de-lis so bad but really only have a drop of French in me so it'd not realy justified other than it's pretty. lol

But it's the mark they use on people sentenced for execution in The Three Musketeers! ALWAYS JUSTIFIED.

I was thinking more of the symbol for new orleans thing, but being marked for execution is even better!


Also, should I just come on over straight from work? That would work well for me, because otherwise I'll be searching for a time waste.

And, I could write you a reference.

Right from work is good with me; then we can get some foods too if you would like to!


Awesomesauce. We will do this, then. It will be fantabulous. I'll call you when I get to Hell's Kitchen, prolly around 5:30ish.

OK, this may seem weird to you, but I am so impressed by the productive. Especially doing it over a days, instead of waiting til the last minute then doing it all at once. This is a skill I would like to learn.

Cool tattoo!

I am one of Those People-- when I was in school, I was the person who came home the day we got an assignment and did it right away rather than pulling an all nighter the night before it was due. Fortunately I had a friend who operated the same way, and so toward the end of terms, we'd be sitting around happily finished with all our work and going out for brunch while our friends were all freaking out.

Tattoos is awesome. Your tattoo ideas is awesome. You is awesome. This seems to bode well.

I'm glad packing is moving right along. *pom pons*

I have only met you once in person but if that's enough I would also be happy to write you a reference. :)

Tea, you'd make a fantastic big sister! :D Luck on moving and tattooing!

Ooh, a tattoo!! I always get excited when people talk about tattoos. It brings back memories of when I got mine, and makes me that much more eager to get my second one *g* I really like the VFD symbol. It's awesome!

Good luck with the Big Sister program! I know you'll be fantastic as one :D

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