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I need an icon that properly communicates the amount of love in this room
cap, captain miss america
In case anyone wasn't aware, I have the most amazing friends. It's been a long time since I felt this way, since I felt like my friends were there to lift me up and make me stronger and better and happier.

cacaphonesque came over to help me pack, and she helped and helped and brought her friend Calin to help, too. We packed and drank and talked about things, and I sat down all guru-style to explain the history of the Comics Code and my feelings about rampant sexism in modern society.

And I just felt loved. And I don't think it was all the booze.

Tomorrow, liret is coming, to help me finish packing, and then Thursday, I move into my new apartment, and Friday I will have my internets set up and air conditioning installed.

On Saturday, we are all going to a Mets game together, and I will get to go to Shea Stadium one last time before the Mets move to a different field. Whoa, end of an era. I might even buy the sushi this time.

I remember being a little kid at Shea; I remember the 1986 World Series; I remember the RC Shake Things Up sign that lit up whenever the Mets scored.

I am loved. I am happy. That is amazing. Also, I am almost packed. Also amazing.
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*hughug* I know how you feel... when they tore down Busch stadium it was so shocking. while I hadn't gone to a game there(I'm so scared of heights and all we could ever afford were nose bleed seats.. seriously, at the fox I ended up having to CRAWL to my seat once I got so scared), it means so much to st louis and to my family. My dad has a framed picture of the stadium in progression as they tore it down.

Oh, man, I wish I could take you here. My dad's former boss has tenth row seats. LITERALLY tenth row. I was never much for ball games but this is like the most amazing experience ever. I am so grateful and lucky to have these tickets; they're like gold to me.

Last night was awesome. It's seriously wonderful to be able to have moments like that and just feel like life really is good. Also, I loved learning about the Comic Code from you. I always leave our interactions feeling enriched.

Also, I'm glad that I was able to contribute some to your productivity.

You guys were both awesome. And I was happy to share my beers with you. I felt like we got a lot done and I felt a lot better about moving, too.

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