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What a dream I had...

I had this dream last night. I don't know whether to call it a nightmare, but it was both dark, disturbing, and rather mystical.

The dream opened with two young, probably 20-something people, a black guy and a white girl, going to call on the guy's friend, Gus. I think they were dating, but had only really met recently, as the girl didn't know who Gus was. The guy hadn't seen Gus in a while and Gus hadn't been answering his phone. But when they got to Gus' apartment house, they could see Gus-- whose apartment was on a low floor-- through the windows.

The boy called to Gus.

"Hey, Gus," he said.
Gus looked down and grinned. Gus was a Korean guy, about the same age as the two protagonists. "Hey," he called back. "I just got a pizza, wanna come up?"

The young couple discussed, and agreed to go up to have some pizza.

They enter the building, which has a plasma monitor in the lobby wall, and an elevator, and get in the elevator and push Gus' floor.

The elevator, though, started to shake, and make funny noises. They looked at each other, and both got off the elevator.

A hippie-ish looking girl with blonde dreadlocks was passing by. "Don't take the elevator," she warned. "It only goes to Sixteen."

So the young couple started taking the stairs instead. They found Gus' door, knocked, and the door swung open to an empty room.

Another girl I don't really remember opened the door to the apartment opposite, looking like she was about to go out. "Are you looking for Gus?" she asked.

They said they were.

"He left a few weeks ago and hasn't been back since. I thought he must have had a family emergency."

Gus' friend thanked the girl, and they started to leave.

"Don't take the elevator," said this girl. "It only goes to Sixteen."

So the couple starts down the stairs, but while they're in the stairwell, the lights go out, and the stairwell starts to shake, not unlike the elevator, and they try to exit on the next floor down, but the exit empties out...into the elevator.

And takes them to the sixteenth floor.

There is a flickering plasma screen in the elevator, too, and a blurry, staticy image of a person, who tells them, "Every hour, on the eight, someone comes to meet his fate. Something good will come to you, on Sixteen, tragedy strikes, too."

The elevator empties them into a strange, vault-ceilinged, lofty room like a ski-chalet with one wall made entirely of glass. There is an old man in the room, sitting on a long sofa that spans the length of the glass wall. He tells them that once you ride the elevator, you can't leave the building, and that they will have to take Gus' place.

"What happened to Gus?" they asked.

"He tried to leave," the old man told them.

He tells them that the building was build by a mysterious woman who made her fortune breeding a red-haired hunting dog that looked kind of like a Briquet Griffon Vendeen:

and that every hour, on the eighth minute, something good would happen to everyone who had ridden the elevator. But on the sixteenth minute, something equivalently bad would happen. The better the good thing that happened, the worse the bad thing. You could leave the building, of course, to carry out daily business and such, but you could never leave-leave, not permanently, and the Sixteen would follow you everywhere you went, so that if you tried to leave, you might, say, win the lottery on the eighth minute, but then you'd die on the sixteenth.

Then it gets murky, like all dreams do, and stopped making perfect sense, but I woke up just around the time that the girl's father, coming to visit her, got mauled by the hunting dogs.
Tags: dreams
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