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smashing pumpkins doll is done!
cap, captain miss america
you can get her on my KiSS page


tell me what you think!

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I should have said this sooner, but she's *amazing*. You really outdid yourself. She's probably your most creative doll, she's extra great for Pumpkins fans, but you can enjoy her even if you're not a fan. If this is the direction you're headed in your kiss dolls- strap me aboard, it'll be a good ride ;)

Wow, that almost sounded like a professional review.

thank you rick! i hope you have fun doing the pixies doll-- using someone else's work for inspiration is a lot of fun.

the next doll i have to finish is nekomimicon. figure another month for that one. most of the animal figures are done, but i haven't done any clothing yet.

i don't really like to go in one direction. i prefer picking a direction, experimenting with it, and then coming up with a new direction. i felt like this doll was a lot more like my older dolls- like tasha or starla- that many of my other recent dolls. in that "every outfit is a story" concept.

i will try and get your roos done tomorrow night; i'm so sorry i've been sitting on them. but now that this is done, i'm supposed to be working on something for jade so i should make myself do these before i get back to work on nekomimicon.


Yay! She's really cool. I love all the freaky hairstyles. I like the fact that the blue arm-thing can be used with the big heart and some other stuff to make clothing that looks patched, too.

I've never heard any of the songs though so the outfits don't really have any meaning for me. But they are fun!

that's exactly what i hoped-- that someone unfamiliar would still have fun with the doll.

i really tried to make object that could be used for multiple things. my favorite is the little spider-- you can hang it off almost anything. so i'm glad you had fun with that!


As Beautiful as the sky.

Great doll, and I love the concept! And its so nice just to push the buttons and voila, theres ava adore. I've never tried to picture the girls in the pumpkins songs (unless i was picturing me) and i think you've captured the songs greatly. I'd have to say Ruby is my favorite, but they all look beautiful, especailly Porc. and Lily.


Re: As Beautiful as the sky.

thanks! the idea for lily was partly rick's-- he suggested using white lace. ruby was originally who the doll was going to be, and that outfit is actually the wedding dress i designed for myself--except my design is brown and there is no crown/veil. i put her ring around her neck so i could make it bigger. and porcelina is one of my favorites--i was really happy with the way she came out, half a girl walking along the seashore at night and half "thought police" uniform.


I really like her. It's kinda cool what my brain does when I'm playing with her as well. When I clicked on a button to dress her, that song starts running through my head.


tea, she rocks!!! My favorite is Rachel. I also like the Mayonaise outfit, even though it's not what I had pictured. Now I'm reconsidering . . . thinking is fun!!! Great job! *applauds*

the mayo outfit is an interesting one, i did that one because rick asked me to do a costume for mayo. i tried to do what i pictured listening the the song, and it just wasn't working-- it was more blue,green,and orange in colors...so i took out the lyric sheet and tried to interpret it as literally as possible instead of just going with the "feeling" of the song...


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