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Why Tea Needs to Write Things Down
cap, captain miss america
I was pretty certain my movers were supposed to be here at 10. I called them at 11:15 to see if I had the time wrong, and have not heard back from them (it is now 1 pm). This is distressing. I am thinking maybe I memorized the wrong time, but I'm not sure. I know I have the date right, because I scheduled everything else I had to do immediately after that. I am frustrated, man! I usually have an eidetic memory for dates and times and almost never write down an appointment (and am never late). Could it have been 2 pm? I was pretty sure I was only doing my box and wrapping delivery at 2 pm. Augh. They've been to my apartment before, so I know they know where to go, and they have my phone number. What is up with that?

So I only slept for three hours, because I tend to not sleep when I know I have to be up early (I wake up about every half hour to check my clock in case I mis-set my alarm), and poor Jess is zonked in the other room, and I don't know when to expect movey pants people.

On the other hand, while I am waiting, I am taking the time to do something I've been planning to do for a long time! And also, posting about my dreams yesterday has been making me think about writing down some of my most memorable dreams from when I was in high school and college, including my favorite all-time dream, the Kaligyula With a K one, which I made a short animated movie about in college. I am thinking that I will write it down for all of you if I get the chance. It's a dream about a political assassination by vodka.

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Scurvy moving folk. I hope they show up soon, ugh. frustrating.

I know that waking up every half hour dance well...

I would love to hear the dream of political assisination by vodka. Sounds intriguing.

I messed up the time, sadly. They have me down for 3 pm. THINK OF ALL THE SLEEPING I MISSED.

OHNOES! That is fairly tragical.

OT - Have you seen "Henry Poole is Here" yet? How about "Swing Vote"? Thoughts, critiques? I love the way you manage to articulate stuff I'm feeling about movies but can't quite put into words. I loved "Henry..." but there is something about it that is bothering me...

Jess and I were GOING to go see Henry today after the movers...bah, we could have gone in the morning. Bit disappointed. Maybe tomorrow.

I did see Swing Vote. Did you, or are you looking for a recommendation?

Oooohhh....do go see tomorrow and tell us your reaction, pretty please? It's currently holding my top spot for 2008 fave.

I saw Swing Vote, just wondering what you thought of it. I was pleasantly surprised that my kids enjoyed it and then engaged in lively debate about the political process on the way home.

I was a little disappointed by the ending because I really wanted to see the debate-- like, I wanted to see a little bit more of Bud and the candidates after they were forced to start acting like responsible human beings, or to the other character's responses to Bud's sudden turn around.

On the other hand-- I thought it was just that; it was a really good movie to educate people (not just kids) and help instigate debate about the electoral process and civic duty. I liked that the message was that one person can affect the political process and that an ordinary person's opinions count just as much as anyone famous or rich. I thought it was one of Kevin Costner's better movies in recent years, and I felt that it was pretty even-handed in not showing one political party as "better" or "more right" -- they had Bud agree and disagree with fundamental values of both parties, which was good.

It would have been good to hear the candidates actually discuss the issues in an intelligent, responsible fashion. But I am really glad they didn't show how he voted, as that wasn't the point. Even my kids understood that.

I thought Kevin did a great job, and was also impressed by Kelsey Grammar? Grammer? He was very effective, as was his character. I love that I started out feeling he was an idiotic boob, like some Presidents we might know, but ended up actually having a bit of respect for him. And the little girl was awesome.

I liked the message, but I'm still a little cynical about it. If often doesn't feel like my one vote makes any difference at all, but that will never stop me from voting.

And yeah - I loved that Bud fell on both sides of both fences, repeatedly. I think that is actually more realistic than almost anything else.


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