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Life is awesome

My apartment has air conditioning and cable, but is far, far, far from unpacked. I think the unpacking will happen this week, I have just had a jam-packed weekend.

It's been Hogsmeade over at hogwarts_elite, and I have entered about six contests. I am going to try to enter a seventh one tonight, and then that will be all the contests I wanted to enter. For those of you who aren't in HE, Hogsmeade is a weekend-long fic-and-art-and-other-random-fandom-shit contest festival. It is super super fun. I'm hosting a contest, as well, where you have to write a book report on a non-Harry-Potter book from the POV of a Harry Potter character. Fun times.

Yesterday, I went to Queens with cacophonesque and liret, to go to a book sale. Destiny's friends are moving out of the country and were selling off a lot of books. We also met penguinjunky and iheartpotatoes there. I went not really intending to buy anything? Especially since my shelves are full? I ended up with THREE of the Cerebus collections, the first five Oz books, the first Oz book annotated, the new Diana Wynne Jones book that I haven't read yet, a single volume collection of Prydain, and Grave of the Fireflies on DVD, for $16. iheartpotatoes was feeling unwell, so we left her after the sale and went out for sushi.

Then, Jess and I met up with Laurie, an old high school friend I haven't seen in, gosh, probably almost ten years? She's a dancer and actress who actually plays MONSTERS in Sesame Street Live-- is that not awesome? She's also been in My Little Pony Live, as well. Anyway, she just called me out of the blue on Friday and asked us if we wanted to go out-- Oh, man, I love Facebook. So we went to dinner and then went to see [Title of Show]. And then something amazing happened.

Laurie went to get our tickets from the Will Call booth, and in doing so, discovered that the internet sale site had accidentally-- through human or computer error-- given us MATINEE instead of evening tickets. Laurie is looking horribly apologetic, and the lady behind the window says, "let me see what I can do."

She comped us three tickets to that night's performance--

Three tickets in the SECOND ROW, CENTER STAGE.

Which was an amazing way to see the show. It's very small and intimate, and all the actors are eye-contact people, so while there are shows I wouldn't mind seeing from further back, and some that are BETTER from further back, this was absolutely incredibly. It was a great show, very nerdy and theater-geek referential, and it made me want to get back into seeing shows.

Now Destiny and Jess and I are heading out for the day again-- to see a METS GAME. My dad got three tickets, because it's the last season at Shea? And he GAVE THEM TO ME. SCORE. All I have to do is give him the stubs to save.

Life is good. Time to leave!
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