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I just want to say:
cap, captain miss america
To all my non-hogwarts_elite friends, if there were ever a term to join H_E, the upcoming term would be it. It is going to be so, so awesome.

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Y'know, I've seen you mentioning it before but not really checked it out until now. Do you mean awesome in terms of RP or just all the different stuff that seems to happen there?

They are rebooting the system and changing things up a lot from what has been vaguely hinted at in a couple of places. When I say vague I mean they have pretty much said the same as Tea up there, that it is going to be major changes but majorly better/awesome/fun, etc. She won't give me any details :(

Er, just popping my head in to say that the RP is completely awesome all the time XP I'm one of the co-mods over there, and, although we're assosicated with H_E, you don't need to be a member if you want to play. It's called marauder_elite and it's lots of fun!! We're always looking for new players.

And now I'll stop pimping shamelessly XD

I think I'll definately have a look into it =D I haven't done RP for a fair few years now, and it's looking like I'm going to have time for it again. I'll have to start pulling together one of those sorting applications . . .

You should definately check it out! You can always ask me if you have any questions about the game. It's pretty easy going right now :)

And, of course, H_E is beyond awesome. I've loved the time I've spent with both communities :D

I'm not in the RP, although I think you would enjoy it! I just mean in the community in general, we are doing some AMAZING stuff right now.

I'm wondering if we should do something to reach out to those members that have left or were expelled and just didn't come back?

Dude... seriously: WHAT HAPPENED? How did the Hufflepuffs fall? I thought they were stronger than that...

*hangs head in disbelief*

Oh they haven't fallen anywhere. You should see them right now, riled up to join whatever side I may end up being on. It's AMAZING. They made me my own logo and EVERYTHING.

That? Is the most amazing thing I've read all morning. The icons are so adorable!

I offer you a Firewhiskey.

Whether to tempt you away from the Death Eaters or secure my safety, does not matter.

*passes glass*

Ahh, excellent. Thank you! ^_^

Not fallen! Possibly slightly stumbled!


Edited at 2008-08-25 01:58 pm (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
I LIVE! I may not be able to communicate with the community at large currently due to my state of imprisonment, but I have my little venues in which I may communicate with the outside world.

Continue fighting for my release! Stay strong! Note for care packages: I like brownies!

B R A V O :D It was so much fun to pop onto my flist this morning and see all this crazy stuff. I'm sorry I missed it :O That being said, I'm excited times ten to see what you crazy bastards come up with after this!

I'm sorry you missed it, too! But there will be more! So, so much more!

I'll definitely come back after the election, and after I get back from my trip. So in December. IT WILL BE MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO ALL OF YOU.

(Deleted comment)
*strokes invisible beard*



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